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Thread: A little info........please!

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    Could someone tell me exactly what controls the length of the 'Yellow' segment, the way to alter it? I'm looking to make it longer.

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    The codes and opinions in this indior are contradictory.

    Anyhow, if it makes you feel better. Yellow is used here as an color. If the indior cannot decide if this part of the line ought to be green or red, then it won't paint green or redyellow is seen.

    No point trying to modify this indior if the coding is flawed.
    Just don't use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    No point trying to alter this indior when the coding is faulty.
    would you believe code in this ind. faulty? Code is easy, if so - what's the flaw and the way it should be wright?
    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    would you think code inside this ind. faulty? If this, code is quite easy - what's the flaw and how it must be wright?
    thank you
    huh? What do you mean code is quite simple? How can that link to code logic?

    The point of coloring that the MA line is indeed that if line is moving up, the line should be green, when the line is moving down, it should be red. The only time when the line should be yellow is if it is horizontal (which should be extremely rare). As there's so much yellow, of course the developer don't realise it takes two points to draw a line. It'll take a while so I am not going to bother, to clarify this notion.

    This code file is badly indented, the comments were conflicting with the actual codes (commented yellowish when its actually labeled to reddish( vice versa).

    On a sidenote, even though he's factored in just two things necessary to draw a colored line, there are limits in MT4 that can not give it a 100% right drawing. In this case, red seems to have priority since it is the previous buffer to be drawn... again if you need me to describe this limitation, it is going to take a while and I don't think anybody will be interested.

    Reference the amended codes in the attachment and you'll see exactly what I mean. Fantastic fortune


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    huh? What do you mean code is straightforward? How can that relate to code logic being flawed?
    like this:
    logic and code are extremely easy - yellowish - management changes
    (often used method)

    advantage - easy and correct, avoided flaws like in ma_amended (erroneous colours, way simply does not work(correctly)

    p.s. because posted here ma - is mod upon mod of FxSniper's early ma_color, all old remarks left in code sure would not apply


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    Sign... If you read and understood the codes, you likely won't enjoy it.

    Anyway, you're saying yellowish signifies change management, then should not one be anticipating green-yellow-red-yellow-green-yellow-red kinda sequence?

    In your case screenshots, you can obviously see a red-yellow-red sequence. The indior isn't right.

    Additionally, I said in my previous post that nobody will be able to get a 100% correct drawing when it comes to directional changes, which includes me and my own indior.
    Btw, my indior is coded in this way you won't notice yellow at all. Red or green. I believe that's even more easy.

    It's okay... just use what you like. It's too troublesome for me to explain clearly the indior posted by threadstarter is not working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Anyhow, you're saying yellowish signifies change direction, then shouldn't you be anticipating green-yellow-red-yellow-green-yellow-red kinda order?
    On your case screenshots, you can clearly see a red-yellow-red sequence.
    Therefore, the indior isn't right.
    no. Yellow bar - change of direction; bar after yellowish in same direction as yellowish - opposite color of bar, previous to yellowish (green-yellow-red)
    if 2 yellow bars- dir changed two - same direction (as previous to yellowish: red-yellow-yellow-red), etc red yellow-red - doesn't make sense (and you can't see it to the picture)

    therefore ma color (not amended) - entirely correct

    btw, author, fx sniper, is a genius (and he did knew how many factors take to construct lineup); his few lines of code - perfect, - it reveals exactly what it assume and intended to, and - Properly, without major defects of ma amended;

    Hence, ma amended - basically spoiled sniper's ind; author of amendments don't realise logic and principles of work org. Ind; additional code doesnt reveals correct colors just maid it basically major repainter, therefore - worthless (and waste of code)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Therefore, the indior isn't right.

    I also said in my previous post that no one will have the ability to get a 100% correct drawing when it comes to directional changes, that includes me and my own indior.
    No one? or just you? At least you're able to realise which ind is incorrect (faulty) - your, amended or fx sniper's? Does ma in colour lying (like yours)?

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