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Thread: How to trade when graph is going sideways

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    Hi Guys (Pros )

    I'd like to ask for the adv how to Exchange when the Graph is sideway. What's the tool for this.

    Thank you for your help and support ahead of time.


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    Build the support and resistance level (top and low of the flat trend) and exchange between this amounts. But remember about your stop loss to avoid a huge reduction throughout the breakout. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Just like This. Breakout of range around 1.22, nevertheless going 200p after

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Men (Pros ) I'd like to ask for the adv how to exchange when the Graph is sideway. What's the instrument for this. Thank you for your help and support beforehand. Cheers,
    If there's a clear range like structure; then I choose the easy egy (but in the low sell at the higher degree of that specific range! Besides, I always set my SL outside the range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Guys (Pros ) I'd love to ask for the adv how to trade when the Graph is sideway. What is the tool for this. Thank you for your help and support in advance. Cheers,
    when you know how to identify on your chart that the market is sideways, then the next step is to ascertain which sort of concurrent market.
    There are wide range sideways market and narrow range sideways market.
    Not so simple with all the Foreign Exchange market, where else in the stock markets, it is different with a lot more different classifiions.

    Winning Foreign Exchange trading egies design has to have the ability to trade in various market types.

    Google search keyword Market Sort Classifiion or Market Sort Structure. . .etc.

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    1. Move to a greater time frame for your next sign.
    2. If your time frame is small enough, try to concentrate on trading when one or both banks of the pair are open.
    3. Additionally move to a greater frame if your time frame is trending in order to limit head fakes.

    My thoughts are based on the simple fact that I utilize multiple time frame analysis to trade. You might also draw channel lines round the consolidation and wait for price to split them if you would rather trade support/resistance. The issue with this though, lol, is when are you going to understand to draw a channel? Probably late into it. There could be additional s/r techniques also, such as Fibo or whatever, but I do not trade like this cannot suggest any. Taking a look at the greater time frame and trading through volatile hours are good suggestions no matter what you do. Fundamentals proceed the market, so if there is absolutely no news, it is possible to anticipate sideways motion. Furthermore, if the banks are closed, so likely is the government, so that is why you want to steer clear of dead hours. No news. I attached some EURUSD graphs to show what I mentioned. All the Best.

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