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Thread: How much money will 1 pip give you?

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    It depends on your trading lot size! Should you use 10 lots size then you'll get 10$ per unit! By the way, I utilize a predetermined trading lots size and it's just 1 ! So for me personally, usually per lots means just 1 ! In fact, I have chosen this trading lot size based on my trading equity!

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    Depends on your trading dimensions - google FX position size calculator that will aid you with your positions sizes prior to entering a trade.

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    When I use 1 lots size then it generates to me $ in a pip! Yes, usually I use 1 lots size in my trading! But when I really do reversal trading just then I utilize .50$ trading lots size!

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    1 pip sounds really minor.
    But it could b a huge deal when there is high lot size.

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    Many posts are assuming each pip is worth the same value in pair to pair, which can be incorrect. This website has a calculator you may use. Use the drop down menu to find your pair, base currency, and base lot size, then place the volume at 1 and then click calculate. It's rounding the pip value, however it's close enough.

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    I use this indior. It tells you that the spread and the value of one pip.

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    Really the value of a single pip is calculated usually depends on how much is the lot size however individuals who actually wants to earn money should concentrate on earning pips since in the end of day the more pips that you had earned are actually the amount of money which is actually being produced from the said trader thus keep trying your luck earning as much pips as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I use this indior. It tells you the spread and the value of one pip. document
    Thanks you for adding this tool; it's very much helpful.

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