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Thread: EUR/USD Trading Room

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It has to be tough to criticize what you've never read. Your concerns are dealt with in the book and until igrok publishes his variant, the book I referenced is well respected amongst market painters.

    Stated the diamond has a 90% chance of humour and nobody questions that. I quote a origin and it is BS?
    I have this book and have found enough BS in there among, possibly, some usable materials for novices. My own research indies that if a diamond will end up a change or a continuation formation is dependent upon its distinct form and the sequences of these moves inside the pattern and so can be projected in advance. But, it appears that at least I was right about the direction of today and let's see if I'm right about the intraweek target or not. The charity window is now officially closed and I'm out of here. Cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It must be tough to criticize what you've never read.
    That's exactly why I am asking you to explain! Actually, I specifically noted the fact that criticizing a book is hard without having it, if you read my post. I even explained bear with me! What I am criticizing is the statement you created, for the sake of all. An objective and edued person like yourself won't be offended by I expect

    And I am calling equally numbers BS, with due respects to the experts of course, that must be making billions of dollars trading together using a 73% certainty off a machine-identifiable pattern. Please attempt to answer my own question with regards to what precisely they mean. I honestly want to know, and you know how much I admire and respect your writing.

    EDIT: I also thought I would add that I don't actually think the majority of specialized analysts offer any measure of academic worth whatsoever to study. I spent the better part of 9 months studying functions in the Journal of Finance, in addition to publiions in my area of computer science with appliions to finance. The very best and most recognized literature is what is perfectly clear about the precision of their claims with respect to testing scenarios, and the attention they gave to every step of the methodology. The encyclopedia may really help, but quotes like the one in question are certainly not.

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    I can not believe that this is turning out to be simply a straightforward post-contest against Bulkowski's great work seeing TA.

    There's no peer-reviewed statistical evidence, anywhere in academia or the public domain, that demones patterns performing anything over 50 percent

    You/they gotta be kidding ? But then, who cares what any academics might say. They can continue to disprove/work against a lot of (markets)concept they can get their dirty hands on, while different price-patterns are traded more than 99.9% of have (actually) lived.

    I thought I'd add that I don't actually think the majority of technical analysts offer some measure of academic worth at all to research

    I don't understand what your notion of majority of technical analysts would mean. The majority of any livelihood could be called amateurish by those that are at the top market anyway.

    I've seen some article from you that's worth exploring but I fail to understand the value of the few sentence you bring up here, just to declare that I come in peace

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I agree with this line of thought.

    Lately(last, oh, 12 months) it sounds just about ANYONE who's even a fidget of clue and dares poke their head outside whatsoever, simply gets snapped and shot on FF, leading to some individuals(imho rightfully) just thinking Well, I certainly do not need this and YOU - but a few of you could have used a few of me.
    Disrespect permeates.

    I had been afraid this would happen and over the years it seems it just gets worse. Maybe I just grew to expect a lot of people(taking things deep rather than as a forum game) after seeing it CAN be different.

    Igrok - do not take 'em seriously and keep doing your own thing at the usual hangout.

    Some items are just not worth bothering.

    Things always feed back. If all you get for attempting to help or participate will be negativity or instant dismissal, then that simply ceases. We all get what we want out of stuff, and when we favor FunFactory(some posts are reminiscent of a day at Kindergarten rather than of a professional exchange of opinion) rather than that is what they will create.
    And when the sole reward for effort is ridicule, well, there's not as large a essential masochist around who will go for this long term.

    It occasionally seems we increasingly and always work towards kicking out those that really have items of value, but can not stop growing the numbers of people that have gimme gimme attitudes, kewl posts, powerful morphing troll powers and immense art. . .on demo.
    IMHO that is neither in the spirit of a subject oriented forum(FF generally), nor in the spirit of something that's ironically even assumed to be it is upper echelon(1kT).
    It is more than a bit. . .ridiculous at times.

    Particularly when I see that a few people do not even care to even try to post here because they understand the type of responses they will get about something they've done for a living for x years today.

    Again - we'll get what we ask for with our behaviour in toto.
    I recall an event which could be described with some of the paragraphs that you use above when James16 stepped outside he's cave and got hammered by a different trader with 10 years experience. It was fairly ridiculous to see, which I'm sure you read also. In the long run, both was cool enough to (somehow) shake hands, if I recall that event correctly.

    The points is, which you state in different words, is not contain so many seasoned and successful traders that many (newbs?) Want to think and I think it's in every participants interestto maintain those few with valuable experience who is kind enough to share their thoughts and even systems with young people, for free here at FF, along as possible.

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    Sell the Paris open off.

    Followed up by a choppy range. New test to the low coming in. Will be interesting to see what happens at the low.

    In case it creates fresh lower floor tonight. Really cements this as a agressive down trend.

    Is the Bear here? I think so.

    I am and have been for 3 months a USD bull...

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    EU follows the exact trade pattern as discussed in this post before.


    We go down to 4356 support today.

    I will discuss GU if asked.

    ***Edited since the font was too large.

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    On August forth.. The day before the EUR started moving down HARD. .
    DRT was mentioned stating. .

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I understand the overall view has shifted on the EURO, but I think that it is heading upward. I'd say that there's so much indecision in the market(s) that we are not heading down hard. Clear as mud.
    heh. . I have no doubt made bad calls when I do select a direction. . I only thought this one was fairly great heh. . On a Epic Burn kinda level. . heh. .

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    EURUSD broke above 1.3719 resistance and upward trend resumed. Further rise above 1.3851 previous high remains possible. Near term support is at the up trend line in 1.3360 to 1.3550, and followed closely by 1.3550, only split below 1.3550 level will indie the reversal to the upward trend. For long term analysis, EURUSD is currently in consolidation to the long term up trend and will move without fad at a range between 1.3262 and 1.3851. Up tendency will restart after consolidation and rise involving 1.4300 to reach the following cycle top on weekly chart is still possible.

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