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Thread: Virus System

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    1 Attachment(s) This program is simple and has been developed by me with 1 year of analyzing and trying to win in the FX market.


    1. Open a 5 SEC chart of a pair of currencies together with the minimum spread available for you (EUR/USD 0.9 disperse) **DON'T touch additional pairs**

    2. Wait for a formation of a nearly flat line for about 4 minutes
    (flat line usually means the price doesn't move over 2 pips down and up for 4 minutes)

    3. The sign for buy/sell is triggered by a SUDDEN (WITHIN 5 SECS. ) 4 pip BREAKOUT that I call the Virus

    4. Set STOP-LOSS and TAKE-PROFIT on equivalent Areas of the position. (ABOUT 7 PIPS for earch)

    5.) Repeat and lets make money

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    Following is a chart check the fist article.
    This program made me get a Benz Kompressor

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    2. Wait around for a creation of a nearly horizontal line for about two minutes
    (horizontal line means the price does not move more than two pips up and down for 4 minutes)

    Which will it be ?

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    Step two: Is it two minutes or 4 minutes to produce a level line??

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    You could go for Two or for 4 minutes to Get a Horizontal line or even 15 minutes of Horizontal line... the longer the better because once the breakout comes, it Generates and even bigger impression and Everybody does the Exact Same thing, buy or sell

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    Start looking for a similar thing happening right now reside on EUR/USD but not exactly the way I described it since the breakout is not really big.

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    1 thing, the best hours do That is at LONDON open... 2 pip market ranging does Not come Regularly, but If it breaks Outside That the virus is on

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    So thinking about the period of the consolidation may range from 2 minutes to days and months - would not the Virus be classified as your ordinary routine range breakout ? - or is there something else in addition to this that either simplifies or enriches the entire process, which has eluded me.

    Perhaps it is the two Pip factor. (If it'd never get as far as months or weeks or even half an hour in my expertise)

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    The only thing I'm gonna State is that a very tight range for Extended... a INSTANT 4-5 pip breakout make a explosive mix and Large fireworks

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    There's one now on E/U. Let's see how much it goes.

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