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Thread: Why some succesful traders show bets for free?

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    I am trying to understand this. I'm interested myself, advantagess:

    - to demone how cool you are when winning
    - perhaps to make others follow your wager, and so the price becomes affected and boost likelihood of winining? Just like in the event that you buy, and your followers buy, then price price increases = win for you

    Disadvantage of showing your bets:
    - FX is aproximatelt zero sum game. So if today you help others to win, there is less money left to be won. Or perhaps that does not work that way as stated in following advantage. Like if all of the world would wager on same as you wager, for instance buy, then price would instantly jump up. And then you can earn market, and all of the worlld follows you and you instantly win So perhaps there is no disadvantate of showing your bets.
    - you will hate others are winning from your knowledge for free. Only feeling.

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    Don't watch other's wager. Problem solved. Concentrate on trading, technical analysis and patience are crucial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have yet another question in the exact same subject, who take the money that you lose by trading and out of who you simply take the money you won ?
    I also have same question. The answer is partly understood by me. From dropping traders and out of business who exchange money not fond of price, since they need the currency at that instant.

    The issue is what is ratio. IF you are wininng - what portion of your wins are out of traders reductions and what portion of your wins are out of inevitable currecny exchange.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Do not watch other's bet , even free. Problem solved.
    If I find profitable trader, why not watch? Why create my life more difficult? I would give even a part of winnigns when I had this. Thats why I am intersested in sites like copyfx, just have to learn more, to be sure its not a scam and profitable thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote when I find profitable trader, why don't you observe? Why make my life more difficult? I'd give even part of winnigns when I'd this. Thats why I am intersested in websites like copyfx, simply need to learn more, to be sure its really not a scam and profitable thing.
    You can't be too confident. All such copy site traders update their score by EA which may not be updated in real time. If trader blow account following initial 500% return rather than update EA later, copy sign site nevertheless show that trader at profit. Constantly check latest balance position and last update time .

    Despite of all You need to learn technical analysis since copy trade can't make you better for prolong basis.

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    I don't like to depend on others wager, it destroys the understanding mentality. That is why always attempt to exchange with my trading experience as well money management plan that is exact.

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    Some people are either just generous or they want to show off, sometimes some people are both in exactly the same moment.

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    Its to flaunt / buy validation / and since they are kind people :--RRB- Do not forgot most retail traders are doing it in their own at home. Its a very solitary life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Its to flaunt / get validation / and since they are kind people :--RRB- Don't forgot most retail traders do it on their own at home. Its a life.
    That is correct, I understand from personal experience. Sometimes the isolation could get to you.

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    The typical rationale is that they want to construct credibility.

    The two chief reasons for that are wanting to promote something (currently or in future), and because they want people to believe they're pros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The typical reason is they would like to construct credibility. The two chief reasons for this are wanting to market something (currently or in future), and since they need people to believe they're experts.
    I really don't think that it is about being an expert. Its about showing they can trade. I wish I had a mentor or possess the capability to come after a prosperous trader once I started out. It has taken me 5 years plus numerous discounted accounts (totalling greater than #25k ) to learn how to trade and now have the capacity to create a decent return each month.

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