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Thread: An M1 Trader Learning To Love The H1

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    First of Hello

    This diary is a method of forcing myself to look at H1 and inviting others to do this with me...

    I'm a M1 trader... I trade on the M1 chart, and utilize M5, m15 and H1 for reference only... (buy/sell zones).

    I'll maybe setup a demo account to trade the H1... I do not want to trade a real account with those trades/charts because I frankly think it will affect my discipline trading with real cash. Seeing a trade move from 10 to BE... will annoy me, when I trade the identical trade on M1 and trade out at 10. If you get my drift.

    I ask that if You're going to post... either post any pertinent charts, or any observations... No chat (I do not have time for it... possibly on weekends but then I'm normally away out of my Computer)

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    Another Simple trade... UJ has been bouncing off 79.50 for ages now... and moving 80ish... so simple exchange... little sl. . We will see...

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    Another simple little trade....

    Definitively over-trading a bit ATM... but will need to get several places moving...

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    Forgot to put stops around the EU, UChf transactions !!!! ( will leave them until end of hour... put a 20pip emergency cease on both)

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    Looking at UC for a long... but will hold off for a bit... because news soon and we're nearing top of a longish run. .

    Additionally H4 (bars only finished) looks boring... a few continuation trades potential but I haven't been in from higher/lower so No!

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    Just a quick round up. (My trading day is completed)

    Eur/Aud Missed Tp by 2.5pips and flipped upwards 20pips (:/)
    Usd/Chf missed Tp by 2.4pips and flipped downwards 19pips
    EU missed Tp by 10pips (went 15 afterward -10)

    UJ is initially TP but I have eliminated TP like I like the transfer ()

    So either my TP's were just poorly placed at S/R not marginally above/below... or I want to track a lower TF to shut out...

    I have left all the trades open with all SL as before... so we will see...

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    So closed out all transactions save the UJ trade that still legitimate.

    Small profit... have to decide on TP vrs reduced TF manual closure...

    Like a EurGbp long here along with a Brief GBPCHF. Both have 10-20 pips in them to get a good R/R. Until London open, however, will wait!

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    So UJ obtained ceased. That was lousy trade management out of me. . Should have left TP and seemed to get a reentry. .

    UJ looks good at this level. R/R wise... easy 50 pips for Sl of 5pips. However, candlestick won't enter.

    EG long. . Bounced off this amount quite a bit without Lower Low so superior RR

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    So few more Transactions based on close of This hourly...

    Sold GU
    Long UsdCad
    Long UsdChf

    All based on hourly pinbars... May hold these for a Little... 20pip sl on all...

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