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    Hello fellow FF members. I have a solid EA and'm looking to backtest its viability over years of market activity. How can I go about doing so? Metatrader, as we all know, does not create accurate backtests. I have heard TradeStation is a choice, however I am not a U.S. citizen. Any suggestions?


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    Hey everyone!

    Say I've downloaded M1 history data from Alpari over a year ago and I download M1 history at this time is there a way to merge these two or an easier way to go about it?

    P.S. Thank you Raygun for the 99% modeling record Great things!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Due Bro

    Would you think about a backtest with these approaches reliable enough to include in a business plan?

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    You can test out.

    However, I recommend you run it by me or some of the other developers here first. Give us the opportunity to examine the backtested report and tear it apart as it were.

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    If your EA isn't a scalper and goes for fairly big profits (gt;20pips) and trades are readily over 10 minutes. The Alpari data that is 90 percent is easy to setup and can definitely help. (The more your average trade and larger your TP the more accurate the backtests will be.)

    My trades last over an hour and then go for max pips until I detect trend reversal. I made. Not being able to accurately backtest will cripple your EA. If your producing a scalper you better go to your tick that is 99% rather.

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    LOL!! - N/A. I only got blindsided by expecting a 70 percent backtest on a currency I dont typically trade (so I had no broker downloaded history). Been so long since I did this I forget that anything less than 90% is PURE CRAP!!! (now I dont backtest on anything but Alpari databank information - 90% and Zero mismatched errors)

    N/A is less than crap. Try again grasshopper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Raygun,
    Can you tell me if that is correct:
    To utilize tick data from profit funding, you need to use a previous version of Metatrader that has the recalculate box to uncheck (build 208 I think)

    The data from Gain all needs to be joined into one csv file and then transferred to an fxt document

    Also, when using the script to transfer document into fxt, does the file need to be in a particular directory?


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