Where is the risk?
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Thread: Where is the risk?

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    This diary is about
    ***Analyzing interbank traders' ways of offsetting-balancing risks prior to and following high impact (particularly sudden) event***.

    High impact (especially sudden) event is when they're most vulnerable. By assessing price patterns before and after those events, I hope to understand the way they manage risks and follow the flow.

    Here a easy tool I created:

    I consider sharing the tool but I am still thinking.
    I am still battle with AUD, CAD and Gold.

    From 10K to ~17K, back to ~4K with Gold and AUD trades, amazing rush to 100K, dropped to ~7K with CAD and Gold trades, reunite to ~35k then bust with Gold trades.

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    HI Zelo!It is pleasant to see who did not give up. . Https://gyazo.com/3317e7edfe5dbb5d712979a467af0138 --you recall from where it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    HI ! It is pleasant to see that who did not give up. . Https://gyazo.com/3317e7edfe5dbb5d712979a467af0138 --you remember from where it?
    Good luck with this particular thing. You believe trillion usd market can be solved with this particular thing. Then your head is filled with sh*t.

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    F*ck gold.

    Finally, I find a way to invest in commodity currencies and gold profitably.

    The only point to fix now is my discipline.

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    Just realize that current time remains in Asian session above trade does not count.

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    LONG USD against other currencies.
    And Short Gold against USD.

    Hope this works!

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    Initial post in incorrect session. Article stinks!

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    More to CHF JPY compared to EUR USD

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