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Thread: Trading with range bars ichimoku cloud and awesome oscillator

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    This a very first article on a new thread that is an off chance of major income from a little account-m1 trading egy.

    I will begin posting my trades here next week.

    Just so each one know and understands I have no interest in selling some trading egies, signals or mirror trading

    This thread is solely for helping each other with what can be quite a fruing hobby/business trading.

    The system template is simple.

    Candles, utilize i/2 min or range pubs
    indiors: Ichimoku cloud settings 9, 16, 52
    amazing oscillator std. Settings

    under is picture of exactly what my charts look like:

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    Trade ichikuse. Enjoy excitement and your commentary for trading. Could not agree as to Mark Douglas's ideas on creating a mental egy to your trading,'ve begun re reading his novel to drive it all home. Nice to see action on the site and individuals contributing ideas and thoughts. I motivated me.
    In my mind Rockypoint, wish you well and hope your are well on the road to recovery. Your posting's are all missed.

    Happy trading to all.

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    What dimensions range bars are preferable please....for Mt4 have to define in pips eg...3 ....or 2.5 pips....etc

    What is your moving average...?

    Looks like your question of how to stay in more for longer profit ( golden way ).... Whenever the candle closes below by closing can be answered . . .or over that Moving average

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey GW, the line on my chart is tenkan or more accurately the tenkan sen or turning line it's basically a moving average the is computed by using the highest high and lowest low over 9 bars, if you compare it to 9 interval SMA you'll see the tenkan shows more areas of flattening. The flattening of the tenkan is indiive of price ranging. As far as staying in trades longer, I do not normally set up tp orders beforehand, I utilize previous s/r or swing highs/lows as targets if it breaks through I will stay in and see what happens with next target....
    Can you answer the range bar question. How many pips for range bars mt4.

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    obtained a fast GBP/JPY trade for 40 pips kind of nervus today so I am just gonna select the remainder of the day.

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    Gbpaud long trade for 26 pips.AUD shorts COULD be profitable in the short -medium term because of poor retail sales and poor data from China....
    Am done for now.

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    I liked reading your article - I enjoy discipline and your patience!

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    Why some people got blocked out of thread I have no clue.

    Lets just have some fun exchanging ideas and information on trading.

    Lets see if we could find any ways to improve the system along with our trading.

    Only thing I would ask is not any ea's please, I truly don't like them.

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    All you have a great weekend. Me I am ready for a massive beef, a baked potato and a few ice cold beer tonight. Now its time for the gym.

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    Hey again fellows
    RP that is what we've send to you by Messages... plus it wasnt just me with an issue ,
    tnx for doing this thread from the way

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