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Thread: dolla dolla bills yall

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    I have decided to slow down my trading and quit looking at H4 and rather only look at W and D mostly.

    I will use this first post to start aloging trades I will be trying to find.


    W momentum down. Price fails to achieve zone on a pullback. Little D candle. Breakout trade.

    2nd push breakout. This happens following a false fracture (the doji). Momentum is up and we're over a zone that is flip.

    Combination of the above 2.

    W trend down. Wonderful D pin bar from W zone.

    Little pubs in S/D zones. Common.

    D. tops and bottoms

    Dual bottom at an important level. New possible W dz being created.

    Continuation Patterns

    Classic CP trend trade.

    CP commerce with range zone confluence.

    Fading SD zones

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    current long according to D wow. Initial TP in the last weeks(?) POC. Reloading at BRN which is long term FZ. Dont like how it appears to be basing before my level. Missed a wow short up on peak of the current swing high.

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    I don't have a good feeling about this 1

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    Moved to BE. Should not be in this one because it struck MTF and HTF demand. That is what you get for taking away from taking a look at your charts. Old orders becoming filled that should not be there. However, the delight of getting great entries is you're generally right for at least a little bit...

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    what the...? Is this for real?

    you understand its a demo account when... you get filled at a price that doesn't exist. ??

    Same thing occurred with my usdjpy

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    This is insanity.

    To my defense I have been getting shafted. I would say half of those transactions or so I was on stopped out me to the pip or overlooked my entry by a pip. Seriously. 1% wrong, right = nothing. But its left me selah. I am tryin to reach at 20 percent per month. My transaction is 2% risk with 1:3 RRR. My win rate is 50 percent when Im shootin from the hip.

    I made like 12 trades each week thus far this month, however that I just desire 3.3 net wins PER MONTH. So that puts it in perspective lol... time to never examine the damn charts thus much

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    ....sometime much later with a different account....

    same shit as always though. Days adequate trading and then a couple emo. This time Im not deleting the account and starting over. Im gonna post a lot of the trades Ive created with this account to document them. I've attempted to do markups for what I think was my reason for entering

    I guess I was expecting a trend change or something but can't recall what TF I had been watching today anyhow.

    man wtf is that


    Im guessing I missed this one but set a limit in where I'd have gotten in

    There's nothin like constant buying for no reason in a down trend

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    6 Structure(s)
    The account ruiner

    Im gonna skip the equity Mitigation period now and go to the Last week

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    I'll post my trades possibly daily or on the weekend. Im planning to go through the process of fixing this account slowly (or try) as an exercise of discipline and patience. The purpose being that when its back up I'll have confidence to trade

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