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Thread: dolla dolla bills yall

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    sometime after ... Picture
    so That You went back to Foreign Exchange no Longer tick charts you gave up to soon rudy

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    Im trading stocks daily. Just taking a rest in the thread for a while to focus. Seeing you guys makes me a little

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    decided that this was a dumb commerce and closed out rather than attempting to get a BE. I believe I'd have liked it return to the supply, not foundation under like that or to fall further.

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    Vague trading egy as of 4/26

    This is a egy that attempts to capture the money flow between currencies. In essence I am trying to find 2 currencies that are primed for an movement and then pair them.

    Component 1 - Identify a base ccy

    Selections for identifiion:Loe a ccy on CS28 that is at the 161 fib Loe a HTF PA set up on the index charts
    Component 2 - Identify a counter ccy

    Selections for identifiion:Loe a counter ccy on CS28 That's at the opposite 100 or gt; fib** Stopping quantity after an urge PA (double bottoms, IBs, upcoming S/D zones) **Are there some ccy's that contributed heavily to the base ccy's move? Look for profit taking on those pairs. Are there some ccy's who happen to be gaining strength but haven't made a move contrary to the pair? Start looking for people to pop up. Try to find a ccy that is either weak or gaining power.

    Component 3 - Entrance

    Enter on PA pub or ch a breakout.

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    GBP index primed to get a movement

    no obvious PA setups in any counter CCYs on the daily, however the JPY looks like a potential based on its index chart and H4 CS28

    ready to grab a HTF breakout however may also watch LTFs to get CS28 and quantity setups to ch a pullback entrance

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    and that I completely missed it!

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