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Thread: Owens journal for my friends

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    I'll keep this diary to allow my friends to follow my transactions. I do have the opportunity to take the transactions so one of my buddies could take these transactions for me on our shared account. Visitors are welcome but for them I have to precise some rules:

    - I am using a leverage of 1 (no leverage) and only 1 order at a time. My range is to do around 30 if you want more you can raise the leverage however at your own risk.
    - never use prevent or limit orders with those calls.
    -You need to be in front of your computer when taking the transaction. Before entering you need to check the news to be sure that nothing is happening (I like to use Oanda fxnews and the posts here on FF).
    -If your momentum is too strong against you, don't enter, there is likely sth. Surprising but we don't know exactly whatjust wait and finally enter at a better price if you don't see anything in the news and posts.
    -Don't use a level double. If the price has already been attained and you also missed the entry, it is too late, don't enter if the price comes back again.
    -NEVER add to a losing position! (except in very rare conditions but when it happens I'll explain at this instant)
    -should I say half a lot that means that I am using a leverage of 1/2 (again, don't hesitate to use more if you want but what is important is to use the half of the normal trade size you're using).

    . . .and use these calls at your own risks of course

    results (internet) :

    10/7/2008 2pips (buy U/C)
    10/14/2008 32pips (buy N/U)
    10/16/2008 43pips (market NZD/USD)
    10/21/2008 7pips (buy NZD/USD)
    10/22/2008 35 pips (market AUD/JPY)
    10/22/2008 56 pips (market NZD/USD)
    10/23/2008 72 pips (market NZD/USD)
    11/13/2008 75 pips (market eur/usd)
    11/19/2008 18 pips (market aud/jpy)
    11/20/2008 74 pips (market eur/usd)
    11/21/2008 74 pips (market G/U)
    11/24/2008 25 pips (market g/u)
    12/02/2008 33 pips (market AUD/USD)
    12/09/2008 31 pips (long EUR/USD)
    12/16/2008 18 pips (long eur/usd)
    12/17/2008 130pips (buy aud/usd)
    12/18/2008 18 pips (market usd/jpy)
    12/19/2008 12 pips (buy eur/gbp)

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    The first one touched was AUD/USD and I closed it now at 0.6425 for a profit of 33pips.

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    NZD/USD short @ 0.6579

    A/U short @ 0.7650

    NSD/JPY short @ 68.56

    half lot

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    The entrances are no valids, see you tomorrow for new entrances.

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    Paradoxically, I've got a problem with my mobile, entries will come after...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    buy USD/CHF @ 1.1385
    half lot
    trade protect @be 2 pips

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    Sorry but now we missed all the fantastic entries, I had a short on NZD/USD @ 63.22 (at 9 am CET), it turned out to be a perfect trade but I was occupied

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    I had been outside for company for 2days, I will restart my signals.


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