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    Bellow is a bullet point summary of a probability trend re-entery technique.
    RBS/SBR zone tendency re-entry method: bullet line outline

    1. Ascertain your time frames with a variable as close to x5 since you can get, ie:

    a. Trigger
    b. Intermediate
    c. Longer
    For eg, I utilize 1min, 5min, 30min respectively, but 15m/1hr/4hr, 4hr/Dly/Wkly are different mixtures.

    Ascertain then what is happening on your intermediate and longer timeframes ( .) If these time frames have been trending, then they will have

    I) Broken out of an obvious range on the longer time period


    ii) Be making apparent higher swing highs and greater swing highs within an uptrend, or reduced swing highs and reduced swing highs at a downtrend.


    Assuming a downtrend for instance:

    1. Look at your intermediate chart and determine where the last swing over and low that the last swing that is lower will be. This is your potential SBR zone. (support becomes resistance)

    2. Note also the SBR zone on the time period up/your time period that is longer.

    3. Notice any points .

    4. Await a pullback and ensure that your stop is outside of the extrme of the SBR zone, ie it is lower swing , when re-entering the trend.

    ** If this SBR zone fail and price surpasses its reduced swing Hello intense, which makes a deeper pullback search for Resistance now within another time frame/longer time frame's last SBR zone.

    1. Reentries to tendencies that exist on charts beyond your longer time period are potentially stronger, but be mindful that the stronger the tendency, measured this manner, the larger the opportunity of a 'deeper pullback.' Reentries to your inetrmediate chart trend conveys greater risk than if to a time period that is intermediate and longer trend .

    2. It is more probable than not, that in case your last intermediate RBS/SBR zone fits that of your next time frame/longer time frame, ( ) then zone will be stronger. It is however unlikely that the intermediate SBR/RBS zones match those extending over 1-2 time frames over it. Remember that SBR/RBS zones generally really have to have some candles inside them. Ie in a downtrend instance the retrace/pullback should show a few bullish candles.

    In terms of specialized set-ups, effectively you are interested in finding hidden/reverse divergence/extremes combined with band/channel deviation within an SBR/RBS zone. On a deeper pullback you will note that the cause oscillators are likely to be extreme/showing routine divergence and the oscillators revealing hidden/reverse divergence.

    3. Remember its the tendency on your longer time period you have eneterd so there'll be noise on the intermediate/trigger, but provided that your candles around the longer time period are generally bullish for an uptrend, bearish for a downtrend, the price action is indiing that the tendency will be extant on that time period, . . .whose trend you have entered.

    Thats the RBS/SBR zone methodology in a nut-shell.

    The only other high probability re-entry to a trend that I use would be the throw candles around the 15min in the ideal circumstances. B/O's, Indior reading based (rsi going over 50, cci preceding zero for eg...) Beacause it looks like it might, Split of Supp/Res areas are other specialized methods to re-enter a trend, but ones that I personally do not favour. Others may be more sucessful with them.

    For instance on todays gbpusd activity:

    Price breaks out of this oriental 0318-0354 range to record a greater high at 0369, retracing back in the range for greater low at 0334 before a new higher high at 0391 retacing there also to some greater low at 0361 before the trip up to the current daily highs at 0435.

    With my intraday 1/5/30min configuration time frames: The intermediate RBS zones were therefore 0334-0369, then 0361-0391.

    On occasions price retraced off the new higher to record a new higher low in those intermediate RBS zones, the 2nd being at the 50% fib of their intraday move up around 0377 area.

    Hope it is useful to some.

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    Referring to point 2: You will likely notice that that 5min (intermediate) rbs zone 0391-0361 that saw price finding service at 0377 (50% retrace of todays up move) area befoe retesting that the 0430/35 highs area in it, was also a 15min and 30min RBS zone!!

    Watch screencaps of 5 and 15min.

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    Attached is your 30min chart showing exactly the exact same 0391-0361 RBS zone each the machine/ methodology. The that the 5(intermediate) 15 (optional 'second' time frame) and 30min longer time frame in my 1/5/30min configuration all had exactly the exact same RBS zone made it a stronger likelihood entry re point 2, under NB: Notice too the major point 3 and a fantastic case in point is that 50% of this move up today at 0377 mentioned previously.

    All pretty much self explanatory.

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    Thank you a lot for sharing. I believe your system is good.

    Would be nice to make a MTF indior that plots all in 1 chart

    just an idea

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    Helo ,

    First of all, Thank you for sharing this thought.

    How can you decide the TP for this particular system?
    Can you use a Fibonacci Expansion?


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    Wonderful methodology. What are your entry/exit principles?

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