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    Hoping for active conversation about SP500, please contribute!

    Short @ 1279.10
    Cease @ 1282.6
    Goal open

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    The best ones I read (you can read them also!) Were in a totally free article online. I can not recall where I read them, but just google something to the extent of 5 only powerful sp egies. I think that is exactly what it was called.

    On a separate note, here are a few excellent, very simple SP egies that I have back-tested. I had been doing a research on Moving Averages and the way they affect the SP and that is what I have found.

    7SMA has moved greater for 19 consecutive bars, Bar 6 (6 months later) has closed greater 78 percent of the time by an average of 10 points, and a maximum close of 42 points.

    The same is true of this 8MA moving greater for 20 successive bars

    If the 10SMA has moved greater 22 consecutive bars, and the 6MA has moved higher 3 successive bars, bar 10 has closed higher 70 percent (212 days) than the occurrence bar, with an average of 13 points.

    That is a weird one that I inadvertently stumbled upon. If the USDJPY daily 15Ma has moved higher for 10 consecutive bars, and Oil (CL) 10MA has moved lower for 4 consecutive bars, the SP has moved greater for 72 percent of the time at bar 10, leading all of the way around 80% by bar 16 with an average of 34.39 points.

    I have several more, but they're nearly all along those lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Timing is Your issue. Shorting ES in the lead-up to US equities open isn't the best of moments (unless there is compelling evidence to the contrary).

    1370 can provide stronger resistance.

    Best to not argue when price isn't doing what you expect. Before entering, always require confirmation in the candles.

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    Hey Bear,

    Great thread to start.

    Are you running cash or futures?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey Bear,

    Great thread to start.

    Are you running money or futures?

    Hi gogsy,

    stocks through fxcm feed

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    I see ES in between my GU trades to pass the time. I don't have a lot to talk about other than post my chart.


    Looks like a short setting up for me...

    Did you know FXCM MT4 has SPX?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I watch ES in between my GU trades to pass the time. I don't have much to talk about besides post my chart.


    Resembles a short setting up for me...

    Did you know FXCM MT4 has SPX?
    Didn't notice but I see now
    Thank you for the chart!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hoping for active discussion about SP500, please contribute!

    Short @ 1279.10
    Stop @ 1282.6
    Goal open

    No move, ceased at 1282.60

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    . . .market didn't ?complete? the pattern to the upside; the handle proved too difficult to clear.

    Market should conquer the 1280 to 1284 handle in order to launch a bullish pattern; into the drawback a breach of this 1270 handle, and another retest and bounce off of the 1274 to 1275 handle with subsequent lower lows would reinforce again and show a continuation of additional downwards pressure.


    (In chart showing the up-Fib, yesterday was really crucial, the market retested the 61.8 Fib degree, couldn't breach it, and the subsequent lower lows and the break of the established price swing low contributed the market to loe itself clearing all the way down and through into the 38.2 Fib projection price level.)

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    Demo of course... Sold 2 contracts Short

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