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    Aren't you done with all of the wannabe traders submitting winners and winners ?

    Feel free to post just losing traders. Posting losing trades can enable you to understading why it went wrong and how to prevent it next time

    If you want to post winners, then stick to the eurusd thread where all of the elite traders are creating billions everyday

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    Really like this from zero hedge

    Making yourself accountable to someone else - as to why you took a commerce.

    Writing down the motives on what you will do ahead of ahead- number one for me.

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    ROFLING. Great initiative.

    Bought GY @ 152.52 will soon be a loss if valid cross 152.24 in M1.

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    It is a fairly smart idea. The line that separates good from poor traders it is how they handle their losses. Wins can be obtained and handled more easy.

    If we just post the loss itself and clarify where it whent incorrect or clarify a little on how we trade also?

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    Honesty is the fundamental problem. If a trader posts 'winners' which are really not winners and hides their 'losses,' they are being deceitful and they would not find much actual help from better traders on a forum like this. Improve or they'd fail to increase as a trader.

    Trade safe and prosper.


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    Today GU. I had been expecting a reaction from the volume base price went directly to SL. Regular my fault or loss?

    It is probably my fault, since I know that when price already washed out liquidity like this, the likelihood of a tradeable reaction is reduced, realizing this I decided to take the trade anyway. Dumb move. Result: -0.50 percent on equity, shaky state of mind for the remainder of the day, hence not trading the remainder of this session.

    May be when I force myself to post when I do this items, I'll stop doing them.

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    What a great concept, here is a losing trade from this morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    What a great idea, here is a losing trade from this morning. image
    I feel a little explanation could be helpful to understand the logic behind the transaction, where it went wrong and if something else could have been done different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ROFLING. Fantastic initiative. Bought GY @ 152.52 will soon be a loss if legitimate cross 152.24 in M1.

    May this thread have a very long and prosperous life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Really it is a pretty smart idea. The line which separates good from poor traders it is how they manage their losses. Wins can be obtained and managed simpler. Should we explain in which it whent wrong or explain a little about how we trade also and just post the reduction itself?
    Do as you like mate, you can say why you took it, and how it went wrong. Reviewing why it went wrong and hearing excuses from other traders may prevent you from doing exactly the Identical mistake next time

    We all have different egies therefore it may not be easy to Comprehend why you took it, but based on our distinct stategy and trading fashion we could have an opinion as of the reason why it went wrong

    Just losers will help you being a much better trader....Not winners

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