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    This is a thread with the believe to make us all traders. The objective is for me to all the traders to provide updates of this market and their believes. Like this you visit others folks perspectives and compare to your own. With this you will have the ability to bcome a much better trader, additionally you will be able to see some progress traders putting their believes. How my egy comes is by the amazing trader BOBOKUS. . .he is a fibb trader. His thread is your hyperlink under.
    I'll be posting updates of the way I see the market in the usual currencies, any special request will be taken. Every trader is able to see the market in a million distinct ways. So lets learn from each other.

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    Well iam going to start off by posting what I watch on the market right now.

    Iam going to Start with GBP/JPY

    This is my setup and at the fallowing article I'll Be describing what we see.

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    Whats I see is that price is under the river. . .that is envelope other words I see that is the setiment in the market is short....also when under this river becomes an extremely stong resistance. . .so myself as a trader would not feel good entering a position long because a strong resistance is loed directly above. . .But nor resistance is impossibell into brake so how I might operate this is by simply overlooking the very long trader if the market is to go bullish because in my opinion going long using a more compact probablity of using a fantastic trade...
    Additionally in the event that you examine the previous swing which took place (green Fibb) price is getting near a 61.8 fibb and that's also clost into the river resistance.
    In order for me to take this transaction short though I would have to find a close beneath the counter fibb...(withfibb) 61.8 I might wait to see a bearis candle close beneath this fib. . .if price does so, my initial target would be 94.91 or 94.60. Additionally, in the event that you have a look at if price began to have a major drop. . .was when price came near the red cable and that's the major fib. That was a 61.8 of the major fibb in my egy.

    Thats what I see this currency.Any questions I want to know

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    Should you ghuys whant me to take a llok at any currency I can do so...

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    I willbe posting my analysis of the market several times a day....but hope to hear requst of specific currencies...

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    What we see is that price has hit an extension in the yellowish fibb....thats why price is consolidating ....its possibbel to get a sub abc. . .inside the larger I will actually trade in almost any direction. . .if you see you have the orange fib I will come in should I get a close of a bullis candle over that 61.8....and take it to the 132.8 orange fib. . .that are thye goal. . .it also gets together with the 38.2 fib that will make price come down in the green fib. . .if price to come brief I will come in if price closes below white fib 61.8 that the small white fib. . .and take it to the next with fibb below. . .what makes this fine. . .is that major support comes from this low and price can stall there...

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    If you guys have any questions let me know....or should you whant me to analyze another currency let me know...

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    Additionally, if you guys whant I can go on detail on my own egy. . .This thread is up for any qquestion of these. . .Alright guys iam going to hang outside for a while. . .and I'll be waiting to get a query. . .or if you whant me to anylize the market.

    Alrigtht guys either way I'll be posting updates of certain currencies. . .of what i see. . .and if any currency is asked I will do it.

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    Alright guys this is an upgrade on the gbp/usd

    I will explain on the fallowing post.

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