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Thread: Breakout Strategy EMAs Recommendation?

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    This is a great forum.

    Please see attachment.

    Any thoughts on an ema(s) I can use on 3 min chart so I can identify trend for my breakout egy?

    Can a trader just try all emas mixes to see what work? Manual Backtesting this may take.

    If not, I'll examine a 10,20,50, and 100 ema to acquire the trend right before taking any breakout trades.

    Well, I been discretionary trading breakout egy lately with some success (paper trading) with my resistance and service lines, without any signs. I specify trend by simply taking a look at the purchase price direction with my eyes intraday trading each morning.

    If cost is moving up, get on another resistance breakout, cost going short, get short on another support breakout.

    Well, today I wish to program and confirm my approach and rear test it over 10 years historic information, but I have no way to logically/mathematically identify tendency to program it. I can not program my eyes.

    I guess when I program the egy I can try many different EMAs mixtures during automated backtesting. Maybe I need to learn to program my egy(s) for faster backtesting.


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    Try the MA_in_Color connected and set it to 35/3 and then please post the chart here so that we can see how it looks.

    The 3 setting is LWMA but please try it and place

    The 2 setting is your EMA. . .and post that chart too so we are able to observe the difference

    Let us know which one looks the best to you

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    Thank you hards for reacting to me,

    I'm using swim or think chart.

    Do I add the file for a study? How can I add your attachment to the chart?


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    Sorry, can not help you. The index is built for MT4. You will discover hundreds of indexes here in and my guess is that won't fine many if any for Think or Swim.

    Attempt this

    Google: Believe or swim Ma in Color index

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Sorry, can't help you. The index is built for MT4. You are going to see hundreds of indexes here in and my guess is you won't fine many if any for Think or Swim. Try this Google: Think or swim Ma in Color index
    Thank you hards for reply,

    Yes, I agree. Think or Swim, I'm slowly moving away from for TradeStation or NinjaTrader or MT4.

    Thanks for your help.

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