Esignal vs retail broker prices - help!
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Thread: Esignal vs retail broker prices - help!

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    I have been with my retail broker for well over a year and I have been very satisfied with them till today... because I have been investing in some shorter time frames and have been paying much closer attention to the prices.

    What I have noticed is that my retail broker prices seem to be a compressed version of the Esignal feed. By that, I mean, the retail highs are not as high, and the lows are not as low.

    I'm skeptical that it is price shading going on here, but it will seem strange. The amount of compression ranges from 2-6 pips at both ends. All pairs.

    Even though it had been shading, wouldn't that help as many people as it screwed and therefore be immaterial?

    Any thoughts about what's happening?

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    EUR@A0-FX is the composite Eur/Usd datafeed - means all institutions that are sending quotes to eSignal are in there. Its pretty futile for intraday charts, use a contributor specific symbol rather. By way of example, EUR@TDFX A0-FX is only the MB Trading data. For a complete collection of FX subscribers see esignal support pages.

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    Shrike - that is a huge assistance.
    I'll get on to it.

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