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    Hi, can anyone please advise me your USA broker? I heard some brokers allow US customers with such as 1:500 leverage or even 1:1,000 leverage, is that true or a scam? 1:50 is just so reduced, and I hear some brokers hold your cash if you attempt to make a withdrawal following a fantastic profit, delete any of your trades, and also change your entry and exit prices after your trades are closed.... I heard Trader's Way does this, but it was just out of just one or two inspection so who knows when this was just a competitor broker lowering other good companies.... Thanks guys!!

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    Hear that? ....crickets. That' s the sound when trading spot FX in the USA. You are going to need a significant account to get ECN accesss you are going to receive cushioned spreads.
    You'b be better off investing in currency futures, together with low rates, where you're getting immediate market access. You won't get exotic crosses, But there are lots of liquid goods to exchange; why just limit yourself to FX? Liquidity is using the Majors any manner; should you would like to get tricky you could structure crosses synthetically. If you would like to hedge----- open two little futures accounts, additionally this also can help hedge broker risk.

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    I've not ever used in any USA broker, but I acknowledge it, their regulation is too much powerful than others. I always prefer US or UK regulation trading platform that always guarantees their customers funds with a wide range of trading technologies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I've never used at any USA broker, but I acknowledge it, their law is too much strong than others. I always prefer US or UK regulation trading platform which always guarantees their clients funds with a wide range of trading technologies.
    Regulated broker can be fantastic, but there's no guarantee that regulated broker won't cheat with their clients, it can be US or UK. Actually security of funds with other people facilities is dependent upon broker credibility.

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    Which broker is credible according to you ? Practically the broker which is governed by the large authorize in this market place consistently ensures credible and best trading platform by providing a wide range of trading technologies.

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