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    Hi Everyone ,

    Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Costas and I am an employee of a controlled Forex Broker named This thread's objective would be to assist the associates with any queries regarding Trading Point and Forex generally.

    Our Business provides its Customers with a variety of tradable financial instruments including currencies, metals, energies and stock indices which may be traded via our MT4 platform with some of the markets Our Business site is

    If you have some questions/comments please feel free to respond to this thread or alternatively contact me directly at . We'll attempt to respond within a 24 hour span of a day that is working.

    Always at your disposal
    The TradingPoint Team

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    In my humble opinion, traders who possess the suitable direction of the transaction an shutting outside in green never possess the problems stated above. I would think the issues highlighted exist in all online MT 4 brokers and is not limited to XM. So my dear traders please concentrate on getting favorable pips and quit whining.
    Why do you seem like you paid to reply here? Perhaps you have been in a situation when price goes up for lets say 10pips before heading into the obvious direction? (In that process, stops are taken out even if I had my stop just above that 10pips. .) Lol I know exactly what I am talking about and you do not have to become a pussy performing your job... I've had several cases where my TP doesn't get struck... LOL again, what can you know? You are only performing a pussy JOB...

    SL gets struck while you can clearly see that price never even got there. . Why is that I am wondering. . Pls ask your boss to cut down the STOP HUNT
    Anyhow, I've said my mind and how I see XM. . That has nothing to do with my trading as I've been in the market for 8years

    I also have accounts with other brokers. . EG: IcMarket... Price occasionally find support right on top of the STOP LOSS and it never gets triggered except for cause price clearly breaks through. . I know what I am referring to pussy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Dear el-jefe, Can you follow up with your account number. The MT4 ID! As soon as you follow the MT4 ID, I'll assess the history and status of your account with the Middle Office and revert back with my findings. Thank you,
    Hello XM.
    Got / had the same issue with freezing platform's, link lost. Trade with that / reside with that.
    Ask and Bid lines are supposed to proceed together. Maybe move a few pip's aside as spread wide.
    XM answer: Volatility are anticipated during the new's event. Please look for new's event's.

    This is really for the book's. Among the members of the very best spread may receive from XM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ; being among those ignorant firm. Take a look. picture picture Reduce my confident in trading with them.
    Typo error is not enough to loose faith in broker as long as they cover. What's wrong when they attempt to authentie your document.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Assess the 1hr candle . .the previous low was substantially lower compared to the price ur firm smashed my account....
    Dear dani99098,

    The one hour includes prices from 15:00 till 15:59:59. Your orders had been stopped out in 15:29:57.

    The purchase price of your preferred TP was reached after 15:30 so that it could not be triggered.

    It is not logical that you be taking a look at the 1 hour candles to find out whether your TP price was reached or not.

    You have to look at the minutes and you'll realize that by the time of the opening of your transactions, until the time the transactions closed your preferred TP was never reached.

    I hope this clears things out to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Dear Reza, the aforementioned message has been delivered to you as your EA is behaving very strangely. It is opening and closing trades at exceptionally unusual high frequency consequently creating problems on your feed. We advise to check at the preferences of your EA or eliminate it temporarily until you've got it mended. Thank you,
    Thanks for your reply. . .but the email has been quite ambiguous without describing the reason and threatening concept of it was not good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Therefore if we didn't open trading a hour earlier last night it would be clearly like HIDING trading out of our clients for 1 hour. If we were to follow your request it would be like cheating for 1 hour rather than permitting clients.
    Hello again!

    Have to repeat my Q from yesterday, you simply ignored:

    Here are two screenshots. The 1st one is XM's chart and the 2nd one is your chart form a nice broker. Where's any cheating and hiding you are currently speaking about?

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    Please allow me to try and diffuse the situation regarding the server issue. What Botan626 is stating is in fact true that the above brokers (Pepperstone, IC Markets etc.) did in fact move their MT4 servers only one hour in order to avoid the extra day candle. By doing so, they did NOT delay (conceal) trading for 1 hour.
    Now, because I live in Greece (time zone exactly the same as XM server), I personally I prefer that XM does not change their MT4 server for a week, like I care more about my orders representing the exact regional time that matches the MT4 server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi I ve made my mt5 account not functioning, each time that I attempted to make an order keeps telling me the market is closed, with open positions a cant cancel; Ive tried with each apparatus and unique loions no functioning; no reply out of yet. Im concerned about my equity, my cash, these are my first two or three trades I make since I started my account a week past!!! Please assist me MT5 4086108
    Dear radioxf,

    Correct me if I'm mistaken. But the time stamp you posted appears to be 29 hours ago.

    If I'm understanding that correctly, you're attempting to place an order during a weekend, since the market is shut it is just impossible to close or open an order.

    If I'm not understanding your question properly please correct me.

    Thank you,

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    I'd like to know what your firms stance is about the Dodd-Frank which was passed in america? Are you really really going to buckle about not accepting clients or shed your current clients at a certain point later on? There are a lot of brokers falling their US clients because of the strain of the CFTC currently. I'd like to hear what your businesses stance is and what it might be like going.


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