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    Do you know brokers who offer No spread demo accounts?
    When I google there are several of them but when I start developing a demo there is only Standart demo.

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    The question isn't clear in any way. I mean, do you mean with zero disperse account? As frankly, I have not heard of something like no spread at all whether it's on demo. If you are speaking about zero spreads there are brokers such as that, I don't exactly know Freshforex or FPMarkets? Honestly, I have not tried zero disperse brokers a lot of, so this one had been the only one that came into my mind for it, but even this is with.

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    Yes I'm talking about Zero spread.I can find a lot of brokers that offer Zero spread account however they simply offer that for Actual accounts.My question is does any one know a broker that provides a Demo Zero Spread Account.

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    I was checking things and I discovered that XM and FBS are supplying one account type. Try them out, but bear in mind I'm only giving you the broker you asked for it's not about reliability, as that's something I'm unaware about these companies.

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    I don't think this type of account exists in the Forex market. If it does, I am certain that the broker is using cent account to provide you that. However, I am not sure it is great for your own broker, unless it is a Market maker.

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    I guess we choose to trade using the ECN/STP broker and before going live with any broker it is good to test their further procedures.

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    Never heard of a broker which has zero disperse demo accounts. Sometimes the spread might go down to 1 or 0 points, but never a fixed 0 disperse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Do you understand brokers who provide No spread demo accounts? When I google when I begin developing a demo although there are several of these there's Standart demo.
    What for do you need this account. Anyway any egies examined there won't function on live. .

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    ICMARKETS for EURUSD has both live and demonion zero spread, with their ECN acocunts. They also simulate a 7$ commission per lot. The demonion is based off of the ECN account, which remains approximately 0-2 the majority during off hours of the day except 4-7 EST take or give. They offer 3 different demo servers. If you get and can try their 03 server. EAs and result bogged down the other 2 in lag and market openings.

    As for live, its not a problem.

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    You can go with almost any Pure ECN brokers who supply direct feed out there and test their ECN account which can most likely be the zero disperse account you're looking for.

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