Wire money to hotspotfx 6 days before, still no response
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Thread: Wire money to hotspotfx 6 days before, still no response

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    I simply opened account with hotspotfxr, and wired money from Hong Kong last saturday, but nevertheless not get any email. Has anybody some experience with them, how long it will cost generally for cable to their account?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Give them a call. 1-877-482-4768
    Thanks, but my english isn't well, there is some problem to call. I will wait then send email to ask them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thanks, but my english is not well, there's some difficulty to call. I will wait 2 more days, then send email to ask them.
    In regards to your cash you never wait, hell with email you ought to be on the telephone with them right now, not on some forum.

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    Took ~3 bankdays for my wire, but that was from within europe to the UK branch of hotspot (RBS London).

    P.S. wire from Hotspot was faster, got the currencies 1.5 days following the petition

    P.P.S. it seems to me that customer service via email sucks (I got 4 or 3 mails where I got a reply). If you want something fast, phone is far better.

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    I think I may know your difficulty. I wired funds to open my account a month ago and the wire wasn't going through because though I had the right ABA number, the bank had been changing it to some other number because they believed all wires to this bank were to go to a particular ABA number and then it would get returned. I'd go to your bank and speak to them and be certain that they are not using a different number than what it is you're telling them to utilize. By the way, I am using Hotspot in the united states, so if you are talking about the US branch this is something which you ought to check, as they're two distinct banks with very similar titles and that is appearantly where there was a problem with my bank. The problem was just with my bank, and they could not tell me it was not going through before I spoke to Hotspot and they called my bank and helped me find out wher the problem was and eventually it was all worked out. It took about 2 or 3 days to eventually figure out exactly what was wrong and find the funds transfered.
    Hope that will help you.
    PS PM me if you want the e-mail of the individual in Hotspot that assisted me.

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    Scan from evidence you send your money with cable and send to hot spot.

    This is the best way

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    as it comes to your money you never wait, hell with email you should be on the telephone with them , not on some forum.
    This is so true... the sooner you call, and I can't see why you can't do this, you should begin trading sooner. Any questions regarding your broker should be made to your broker, not this forum.

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    The funds was returned to my bank now. I have called to my bank to check what caused it back. I am not still answered by them.

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    I've had this problem with them also. Plus they would not return my telephone calls. It is very good to hear it was'nt just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have had this issue with them also. Plus they would not return my telephone calls. It is good to listen to it was'nt only me.
    Okay and what was the outcome?

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