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  1. New Record in UK trade deficit
  2. What data releases cause a big price spike?
  3. Trading with others money.
  4. Statistical Validation on trading
  5. Financial Cowardice? A Question to ponder.
  6. about egies
  7. Central Banks Watch
  8. Requote/Traders Range question
  9. Firehorses trading spreadsheet
  10. whoa nelly! newbie question
  11. BUFFET loses $900 million on USD
  12. Historical data for Aud/Jpy??
  13. NZD/USD madness
  14. 4X course recommendations
  15. Keeping it Simple
  16. What do you folks think of this basket?
  17. Scalping is the doorway to real trading
  18. Why the markets are closed??
  19. Reading......and reading.......
  20. A question for you fundamental traders.
  21. USDJPY above 115!
  22. Forexers: Your Monthly Profit Booms!
  23. Leverage at Investment Banks
  24. Vegas 1-4hr Tunnel - Question
  25. Cable: Measuring Fibonacci From Where ?
  26. Anyone trading w/a Mac and Boot Cand?
  27. Favorite pairs. Why? How many?
  28. The Swissy
  29. VTTrader: New Indicators and Trading Systems Only: No Discussions please
  30. Newb question about equity and Wealth builder
  31. Pitchforks in all its glory
  32. Wave Theory
  33. Improving your quotgamequot
  34. Increasing size on a loosing position
  35. Why did the market reacted like this
  36. Heads up: Europe ZEW is at its 5 year lowest!
  37. a terrific book
  38. Money Management
  39. News Trading Reversals
  40. Money Mangement, Do you take it serious?
  41. Leverage....
  42. Random Price Movement
  43. Euro Japan Bargain?? or ??
  44. ever gained money from slippage?
  45. Rate Decisions this week
  46. Fast free news service?
  47. Anyone Use Fibonacci?
  48. Can 100% per Month be Achieved?
  49. Each Countries Interest Rates
  50. Predicting direction of economic releases
  51. new idea trading
  52. Trading NZD M3 Money Supply
  53. Why are we afraid of simplicity?
  54. Anyone have an offshore entity?
  55. Any good books on hedgeing in forex ?
  56. Uk Cpi
  57. NZD rate decision
  58. Your Best MACD settings
  59. Trading Posters
  60. enoc2gs post
  61. my trade plan for next week
  62. Be Careful of the News? ... Well Why the Bloody Hell Should I?
  63. Accumulation / Distrubution in Forex?
  64. Cross Trading
  65. Neowave and Glenn Neely
  66. Slovenia adopting the Euro 01.06...any effect!?
  67. Is 400:1 leverage better than 100:1?
  68. How much do You Pay for a Winner System
  69. New GFT Foresight AI service - any comments?
  70. Trichet and ECB Rate increase.
  71. Fundamentally-The Euro Rally is Dead:
  72. Does anyone trade the Baht
  73. Your Ethics
  74. A little Inspiration for all of the nearly successfuls....
  75. Daily Cable Analysis
  76. Oanda FXnews
  77. US Trade Balance (Jan 10, 2007)
  78. US trader ordered to pay back $35m
  79. GBP/USD PPI Report
  80. Jumping onto the professional arena
  81. US Durable Goods Jan 26
  82. NFP Feb 2
  83. CME E-equivalent
  84. Finally Naked
  85. Calculating PIP Value
  86. Applying Logic to trading
  87. Ultimate Successful Trading Technique
  88. Cable History with PipSpreads?
  89. Option Hedging Strategies
  90. Public Holidays
  91. Equity growth calculator
  92. Euro spread
  93. When do you feel successful as a trader?
  94. Futures vs Forex. Who is more liquid
  95. The Concept of 3D Charting.
  96. Any use for stop hunting?
  97. People who dont know why it works..
  98. FX News Trading For The Week Of May 29-And Beyond
  99. IT Finance charts
  100. reasons or buying eu
  101. Collecting interest on basket of currencies
  102. S/R Trading tactics
  103. Discussion of interesting MM ideas?
  104. indicators of future tendency
  105. So You Want to Write a Market Blog?
  106. Exits: Our worst enemy
  107. CBOT Market Profile
  108. Trading the JPY crosses using S and R
  109. FOREX Brokers and The Credit Crunch
  110. Volume as a decision criteria?
  111. Technical Analysis
  112. How will Aussie election affect AUD?
  113. Interested in becoming a Fozzy-style trader?
  114. Trading Sep, 18th Feds rate statement
  115. Crosses and exotics (gbp/aud...)
  116. Consistent Market-Moving News for the GBP/JPY
  117. Fibonacci GONE WILD
  118. Much of What You Know About 4X is Wrong!
  119. Will Fed Do The Unexpected And Leave Rates Unchanged!!
  120. Letting profits run
  121. Idiots Have Woken Up
  122. Daily Entries (all pairs)
  123. Trading Myths
  124. Regarding risk/reward ratio
  125. Adding to losing positions
  126. No Free Lunch but all the Free Coffee you can drink
  127. Trading: Part Science and Part Art
  128. mbtrading virustotal result
  129. Comments on, On Your Mark... Ready... ...GO
  130. guessing game?
  131. Looking for extreme trading systems
  132. Expectancy is always zero
  133. VHands Trading Simulator
  134. Charts are jacked
  135. Would I have any takers?
  136. Indior input numbers
  137. POLL. Bloomberg or CNBC?
  138. daily analysis, mid-and long-term outlook
  139. Forex volume
  140. Why is nobody willing to post their live account statements on here?
  141. South Africa - rock RAND roll
  142. Is Strategy Tester a reliable tool?
  143. Silly Trader... When will you learn that fundamentals are the only way to trade?
  144. Box trader vs pattern trend
  145. Making Money and the Most Basic of All Basic Strategies
  146. Strongest Trading System Poll
  147. Long Term GBP/USD ( Warning Sign )
  148. Net/Long term effect of habitual low pips targets on account size
  149. Fibs and Forks
  150. Non farm question
  151. Trading Euro ONLY for Jacko Style traders
  152. Real traders, real money.
  153. Scalpers, how many trades?
  154. USDZAR Daily
  155. EURUSD a huge buy above 1.2736
  156. How people should really trade!
  157. How to use Fundamentals to make Money
  158. Trading Psychology: Mistakes in a Trading Environment
  159. Naked Chart Trading EJ, GJ, GU, EU
  160. Successful forum Systems
  161. Systematic trading
  162. Forex scalping in 1 min time frame?
  163. Generalized Fixed Ratio MM
  164. Last words of a trader
  165. Best place in the world to trade from?
  166. Trading for a Living - Cliff Notes
  167. Scalping Verdict
  168. Giving Up
  169. After you are profitable - Now what?
  170. Trend Trading Chart Thread
  171. Does being a Good Chess Player make you a better FX Trader
  172. Are the best systems also the systems that fail most spectacularly?
  173. What Are Your Trading Rules?
  174. Saving Capitalism from Capitalists....
  175. Eaglets Flight Training School
  176. Risk Reward Ratio is not used for making money
  177. What is your most profitable trading method?
  178. How to become a prop trader
  179. A Cautionary Tale
  180. Make or Break Year for Petra!
  181. Trading without stop loss
  182. Whats the point of hedging?
  183. Chart patterns and trendline discussion....
  184. Making a living trading forex
  185. Stating The Obvious and The Quest For Wisdom
  186. Test your strategy
  187. the magnetic lines
  188. Forex trading on the ipad??
  189. Ive just been disabled in my Demo trading(account disabled)
  190. Good book about Forex?
  191. Whats Sure And Whats Not?
  192. My Story, Need Advice
  193. Difference between currency forwards and options?
  194. Nearly Naked (Simple Trades)
  195. What is the trend?
  196. where does Fx Factory get its news calendar service?
  197. Forex...quotBehind the screenquot
  198. Why 61.8%?
  199. 1 pip
  200. Trading Sayings: Fact or Fiction
  201. What was your account and what is it now?
  202. Benefits of a SL
  203. Benefits of a SL
  204. What time to use as END OF DAY for calculating pivot points?
  205. Can you teach trading through music?
  206. List of movies or videos related to trading
  207. Should I throw in the towel after being in the negative for 10 years?
  208. Leverage Reduction: First USA now Japan. Whos next?
  209. Trading is an Art
  210. What stoploss do you use?
  211. Indicators or none?
  212. Trading With Limit Orders
  213. Whos Got the Best Chart Colour Scheme
  214. Order Flow - Finding cluster of stops on chart
  215. market and life, is it so different?
  216. COT Excel Tool - desegregated data
  217. check it out - my system
  218. Back To Basics
  219. The best movie about trading
  220. Trading Strategy
  221. Lets rank members by their performance in FFs trade explorer!
  222. Trading Cartoons and Pics
  223. I still feel like a POS...
  224. Trading the BEST Indicator (sarcasm)
  225. Perfect Wave - 2012-1/2
  226. Probability Paradox!?!
  227. Is Trading FX A Noble Profession?
  228. Best place to learn and become a consistent trader?
  229. Why you suck at trading
  230. E.andO.E.
  231. How much did you earn last year (2012) in Forex?
  232. How do you cope with losing streaks?
  233. My mentality - my problem
  234. Technical and fundamental analysis learning material
  235. We got sick of Greece, Spain, Italy, and now Cyprus
  236. Why do people use Fibonacci in trading?
  237. Daily Trade Analysis with FxTyrant
  238. Gambler trading (with some MM), who says it cant be done?
  239. Need luck or skill for trading?
  240. MAT - Multiple Account Trading
  241. Hyperbolic Yen Chamber
  242. Could you share with me the worst trading strategy you know?
  243. Learning How to Spot the Correct Divergence... Beginner Inside
  244. Food for Trading Thought
  245. Anyone making money as an investor in a PAMM account?
  246. Supply and demand chess game
  247. How many trades until a system is proven, not just lucky?
  248. What is your hardest-learned lesson in FX?
  249. My deals on all markets
  250. USD/PLN