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  11. One order every day.
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  13. risk capital building
  14. Definition of terms?
  15. Historical tick and 5mins charts
  16. What egy do experience traders use?
  17. what is the best way to learn forex trading
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  20. As Simple as 1-2-3
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  23. Ichimoku Trading
  24. Is trading FX for living a myth?
  25. session indior
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  27. How to Get Anything You Want (free ebook)
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  29. Mr. Trends PA Thread
  30. The Holy Grail - Found
  31. Is This My Holy Grail EA :D
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  35. my trades this week so far
  36. Elliott Wave Theory
  37. Why 95% Of All Traders Fail
  38. Frostys Daily Trades - 100/40 1D EA method
  39. For fun :D / Gap egy
  40. JG Position Trade
  41. NR7 - ID Breakout
  42. Trendline (all pair H4 above)
  43. Anybody can make EA for QQE indior?
  44. Anyone know how to make a chart alert?
  45. I need to highest and lowest SMA
  46. Can anyone fix Pivot points sunday calculations?
  47. Watchlist in Metatrader
  48. Will my stop and take profits disappear?
  49. Can Anyone fix these bugs?
  50. Indior that draws horizontal line at X time bar close
  51. Please script this
  52. MT4 error log
  53. Strong bullish pattern - quotthe Camels Head!quot (KISS)
  54. Metatrader plus Excel
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  56. Indiors for Igroks method
  57. MR. Mechanical method
  58. One of my mt4 platforms can not login suddenlly?
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  61. Is any Using ProRealtime with the Better Volume Indior?? help
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  63. EA for straddle!
  64. Simple Breakout/Straddle EA required
  65. Goog
  66. Can a trailing stop be added to this EA?
  67. How to define M2 in my EA
  68. Looking for a programmer in Montreal Canada
  69. How to backtest Renko?
  70. point n click programming
  71. help! why this simple break-out EA does not work?
  72. Programming Request: Hall of Fame
  73. Programming or MT4 ?
  74. How to program the std indior to take to take price from other indior windows
  75. MA Difference Histogram
  76. quotshow me the moneyquot
  77. signal alert on osma indior?
  78. Can somebody quickly alter this EA for me?
  79. Linking EA to an Exe
  80. Alert to sound X pips AWAY from an MA
  81. Dukascopy
  82. XAU/USD and XAG/USD - Gold and Silver FX Traders Thread
  83. Need a simple EA for testing
  84. Technical plus Fundamental System V1
  85. Box indior
  86. Indior to take snapshot
  87. dear diary
  88. Funnel Trading
  89. Technical Trading
  90. Bebops Random Calls
  91. Who here uses an SSD?
  92. The ART of trading by
  93. Finally Im profitable - I need help coding the EA - Willing to share the egy
  94. Simple Setups To Trade
  95. The short side of commodities options
  96. cAlgo for cTrader, looking for indior
  97. ROTrade Systems Journal - Free trading talk
  98. In love with 4hr PA. Looking at Charts only 5 times a day!
  99. MT4 store values into Global Variables
  100. Are lower time frames available on alpari?
  101. Still Basketting
  102. Manually drag and set horizontal alert lines
  103. Error obtaining PC timezone from gettimezoneinformation kernel32.dll
  104. Displaying a Higher Timeframe Stoch
  105. HL_Objects with color
  106. Help coding ADR indior
  107. Please help to make this indi into a Multiple Time Frame (MTF) indi
  108. A coder for Market Profile indior?
  109. SaintSurferRiskMM for 5 digits Broker
  110. Only MACD divergence
  111. MT4 lacking key auto-repliing/link charts feature?
  112. How many people are actually making money rather than losing?
  113. Forex Demo Account Contests and EAs?
  114. Difference between buy limit, sell limit, buy stop, and sell stop?
  115. Changing the default MT4 daily open time on chart
  116. Bollinger Bands Value Indior
  117. How to detect the end of a trend?
  118. POLL: Are you profitable? Is the 95% losers myth true?
  119. Similarity Stuff
  120. More simple is impossible
  121. Need a script or EA to make 2 trades at the same time
  122. Need help making this EA smile
  123. News trading discussion - continuation
  124. How To Capture Mouse Dragging of a Line
  125. Please help with an EA that can trade on H4 candle
  126. Chart linking - Seeking way to change pair on connected chart?
  127. who participates in forex?
  128. MADdash (Moving Average Distance)
  129. MT4 Order Blocks
  130. How to output and/or test all possible permuations of 7 bools
  131. Why do people say brokers steal from traders no matter what?
  132. how much do you earn per month trading forex?
  133. Breakout EA needed!
  134. which time frames to use
  135. Golden Levels: USD/JPY
  136. The Project
  137. Zero to Hero - £250 to £2500 in one week
  138. P.Actions unpretentious Trading Journal
  139. Where and When
  140. Any brokers offering a binary cent account?
  141. Noise free system
  142. Indior Coding Request
  143. Offer Expert Coding for free - if the idea is sound
  144. Line copier from main PCs MT4 to VPS MT4
  145. Tick Chart Traders
  146. The Strength of USD
  147. use Volumes indior in backtest
  148. another losers thread: entry egy idea
  149. Theory of quot8-Currencies - Overbought/oversoldquot
  150. Nail small amount everyday?
  151. Simple Scalping
  152. Give me some comments on my method
  153. mGRID v.7 - Trailing Stop code
  154. Trade With Farid
  155. Questions about leverage...
  156. My Trading Strategies Using Price Action with high impact news
  157. News, rumors, facts and...
  158. Kucoin, is it the next bitcoin?
  159. China plans another clanddown on crypto trading
  160. Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings
  161. whats with all these cryptocurrencies
  162. Can anyone can help me code an idea?
  163. Why the Bitcoin will fail and how to know its vaporware
  164. Ondarox EA - A Simple Breakout Robot
  165. Weekend Crypto Trading Brokers
  166. Question about Trailing Step
  167. Your and My Lessons Learned Losing and Gaining in Trading
  168. Ultimate Traders Performance Compilation
  169. Running MT4 with Ubuntu
  170. Beating the Odds - Edge Within a Single Candlestick (Explained)
  171. Advice on automation
  172. Is there a 4 hr average range indior?
  173. Cant change color of Fib lines
  174. If brokers cheat why do we trade?
  175. Fractals plus MultiLevels Test System
  176. Minor Indior Tweak / Code Review: Hotkeys_Slim
  177. Tax Loss Write offs with Foreign Brokers
  178. mt4 problems (internet settings/antivirus)
  179. Earnings
  180. Coding Request- Simple Grid System
  181. Pimp my MT4 (or any trade platform)
  182. Need help with a Cycle Identifier indior
  183. Need alert for fast %change
  184. I need A ninja trader program to answer a question
  185. MT5 price issue?
  186. I need A ninja trader program to answer a question
  187. Computer Restarts after clicking on MT4 since a few days ago?
  188. Searching for MT5 stoc alert
  189. Indior to identify egy
  190. Friday Traders
  191. someone add sound/email alert to this indior