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  1. Todays Euro Plunge
  2. Reversal Signals - Lets compile a list
  3. Simple trading method
  4. How many pips is realistic?
  5. what the hell is that?
  6. Swap on short sale?
  7. Pivot point trading?
  8. Return, risk and account size ?
  9. Vegas Trading FrameWork..
  10. how the hell
  11. Huskins, Daily Price action analysis Video Journal
  12. Opportunity Knocks
  13. tell me what you think of my egy
  14. How to use trailing?
  15. need a lists of news that affecting eur/usd
  16. stop loss for daily
  17. The Global Purpose of FOREX?
  18. clarify this for me please
  19. New Joinee - Need some advice
  20. US Trade balance 12:30 Gmt
  21. MT4 Text to Speech Indior?
  22. 5 second chart screenshot requested
  23. What does quotFibquot mean?
  24. Another Daily Range Strategy GBP/USD
  25. im looking badly for an excellent real time charts up to 30$
  26. Market Orders or Limit Orders?
  27. How do you download an EA?
  28. Interesting GBP/USD MA Crossover system
  29. Thursday Breakout
  30. where is pivotmagic EA?
  31. Best Times/Worst Times?
  32. I need a mentor!
  33. Risk Free Arbitrage with Spread Betting
  34. Lazy analyses thread
  35. GerryVs Laguerre Journal
  36. Dumping AUDJPY...yen pairs not worth
  37. Pivot trading journal
  38. JAGs Journal
  39. Martingale Baggio Method
  40. s Trading Journal
  41. Newbi Log
  42. 1H set and forget
  43. 100% plus Week attempt.
  44. Predictions by 8fingers
  45. I know it cant be this easy... No name yet
  46. How is the capital needed to start forex?
  47. Metatrader - Divergence Alert Needed - Popup, Sound and Email
  48. Stupid question
  49. Extracting value of indior
  50. LWMA formula
  51. Did it ever happen to you? you had to change rules!
  52. Money Management Code
  53. Automated position closer for MT4
  54. bug with RSI alert
  55. Envelope indior for mt4 with cross alert
  56. RSI candle indi
  57. Need help with an EA
  58. how to close a trade with the magic number?
  59. Relative correlated moves
  60. Account balance Alert EA or indior
  61. sound alert
  62. 4H Trade System
  63. how to do the future and NOW hedge/arbitrage method?
  64. Why do trendlines work?
  65. Entries and Exits
  66. Stealth StopLosses?
  67. New Day breakout by fed
  68. Calculate the used margin per trade
  69. Lowest range!
  70. How do I make an EA quotquitquot?
  71. Stochastic Cross with Email Alert... Help?
  72. Help - Money Management on script
  73. EA not working
  74. Backtest OK but Optimizing is haywire
  75. MT4 historical data
  76. Gold and USD (9-11-09)
  77. MACD plus Bollinger EA (with Custom Indiors). Need HELP Coding!
  78. Help needed with the useful indior
  79. Daily high/low reversal EA needed
  80. Need help with Code Plz
  81. NEED Your help to add function to this EA
  82. RSI Custom Indior
  83. Is it possible to create a new symbol in MT4
  84. How did you find success?
  85. Are there really traders with 100% Success Rate???
  86. Broker with 24Hr Indices Stream
  87. Need EA coded...if its possible
  88. Requeast for 2 position TP EA
  89. (t.e.a.r.d.o.w.n) Toms EMA Absolute Reversal-Directional One-Way Nexus
  90. Generic Ichimoku EA
  91. My Pin Scouter Indior for use with Pin Trading
  92. What would happen if EURUSD reaches 1.000?
  93. 15 Minute Trig Trading W/Pivots
  94. Email Error
  95. Need some help on MT4
  96. Effective 5M intraday trading
  97. Ramadas Dragon Framework journal
  98. My new journey with Wolfe Waves...
  99. Historical charts in MT4?
  100. The chart store
  101. Following the Markets
  102. Daytrading the EUR/USD... the most liquid pair
  103. OrderComment max size?
  104. Really basic question about buy and sell orders
  105. Symphonie Trader System
  106. Looking for MA dashboard
  107. i want only 1 pip everyday
  108. Any EA or Script for Lot Size?
  109. Interactive Euro Scalping
  110. Consistent trading
  111. Need explanation about volatility
  112. Can you make money by simply flipping a coin?
  113. EA Live Consistent and Profitable
  114. Bar width help needed
  115. Looking for Pivot indior with short line only
  116. Indior Development Request
  117. Generic Script to return indior Buffer values
  118. Oil and Natural Gas
  119. MACD XO Window - generating pop-up alerts
  120. Who will employ traders like us?
  121. EA Account Equity Stop
  122. Gann Hilo trading with Trendlines
  123. Help Request: Last Fractal Level Lines
  124. What is tapering?
  125. Medium and Long Term ONLY
  126. Time remaining to close of a candle EA
  127. Can somebody help me modify this indior please?
  128. How to Import Historical Data from JForex to MT4
  129. There is no Holy Grail
  130. Find new Forex egy
  131. Pivot indior disappears after changing timeframe or settings
  132. Is there a profitable egy that works 80% of the time?
  133. Repainting indi into Non-Repainting Indi - Help
  134. Freehand line or pen drawing tool for MT4
  135. Basic questions about buying and selling currency pairs
  136. Hedging Because You Dont Want To Lose
  137. my system of 20 pips
  138. Need help with Auto Sessions V1.9 indy
  139. How Many Pairs Do You Trade?
  140. Indior for scanning Forex time frames for candles
  141. Ninjatrader and their Email Alert Tool
  142. Looking for a special pivot point dashboard indior
  143. MT4/5 and C plus plus or Java interface
  144. 5x5 compilation of systems
  145. Looking for trading ranges
  146. The Best Pivot Points Indior Ever
  147. Looking for EA to trade bullish and bearish engulfing candles
  148. Change the size and color of arrows on MT4 chart?
  149. Can you believe Metaquotes?
  150. Question about AccountProfit()
  151. Practicing swing trading
  152. Guaranteed win?
  153. Reversal City Baby!!
  154. ForexFactory | Share Indiors | Help find free zone
  155. Post your Best Long-Term Stock Chart
  156. Success Guaranteed - Simply Trade Better
  157. High probability live trades
  158. 28PAIRS Currency Strength Trading SYSTEM. TRADES and Questions
  159. script to maximise/minimise chart window
  160. Pivot Trading
  161. DailyOpenLine EA
  162. DailyOpenLine EA
  163. High Reward to Risk Trading
  164. Never give up - From SGD 1000 to financial freedom
  165. Golden Levels: EUR/JPY
  166. When to shut EA off?
  167. 15 minute setup
  168. Free machine-learning tool with a graphical user interface
  169. Market Profile (MP) levels/targets for DAX DOW NQ
  170. When to know what to trade
  171. PW trend indior ~50 pips every day!
  172. Place indior anywhere on the chart
  173. Indior Trend direction and strength
  174. Average daily range statistics
  175. osfx.RMI.Inside portfolio EA
  176. GBPJPY
  177. Flexy Grid EA (Grid Trading)
  178. New Bulls and Bears Force Differential Indior
  179. DAX Futures Mar18
  180. Jerrys Trade
  181. Lets trade DAG coins - IOTA, Raiblock, Byteball
  182. null
  183. Creating a trade calculator in Excel
  184. Are Markets Becoming quotBitcoinizedquot?
  185. Long term trend and short term trade using global variables
  186. Market bottom rotation trading
  187. Error in Compiling an EA
  188. Target monthly 10%
  189. Weekly remarks
  190. pre set SL and TP in MT4 or cTrader
  191. Account In Jeopardy App Idea
  192. 1% to 3% Per Day? All things are Possible
  193. RSI Divergence Indior (Need help)
  194. Understanding this loss recovery egy
  195. Why is copy/mirror/social trading avoided? Any thoughts?
  196. Best times to trade pairs
  197. How to mimic Delay Stochastic oscillator on mt4 Android
  198. Petition MetaQuotes to release MT4 w/Multi-Threaded Backtesting
  199. Level 2 access
  200. Single candle history
  201. SlowandSteady Trading
  202. Trading (e)Books by MoneyZilla
  203. Batch Start MT4 on VPS
  204. Help modifying Cycle Identifier
  205. Vegas Documents Moved
  206. Anti-Martingale EA needs a closing grid option added
  207. Anyone recognize this indior?
  208. Anyone managed to change IG charts to New York close?
  209. Can anyone add an MA filter to this EA?
  210. Trailing stop, Break even EA
  211. MT4 for Mac
  212. How to determine thru code which chart window has focus
  213. How to determine thru code which chart window has focus
  214. ninja scripts c# and cAlgo
  215. Looking For Simple Trailing Stop EA
  216. correct this nonlagdot ea
  217. RenkoLiveChart pimped v3.14 - can it be modified?
  218. Question regarding Metatrader History
  219. Securing the indior
  220. Collecting data for probabilities (mt4 script?)