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  1. Is there a Trading Platform that can do this ....
  2. Best Company
  3. Broker Price Manipulation?
  4. question regarding broker
  5. did oanda just drop its spread for eurusd to 1 pip?
  6. FXsol transfer via Paypal
  7. Brokerage debate
  8. Best broker for scalpers?
  9. Oanda platform driving me nuts!
  10. Brokers in India
  11. Bucket Shops in Forex
  12. Anybody trade with fibo group?
  13. quotIf donequot orders on ECN platforms
  14. Cancelled order was filled
  15. Comment please: One World Capital
  16. Whos you favourite for live MT4 broker?
  17. InterBank FX - Funding with VISA
  18. Starting with OANDA and bad leverage from them
  19. IBFX down?
  20. One-click execution Brokers/platforms?
  21. Funding is quick, withdrawing processing takes a week?
  22. GFT VS FXCM VS Forex.com (carry trades only)
  23. Question for UK traders
  24. Can a debit card be used as a credit when opening a live account.
  25. Can a debit card be used as a credit when opening a live account.
  26. Looking for a broker that accept creditcard
  27. FXTrade-Oanda: Are you satisfied with their platform?
  28. IBFX MT3 platform down??
  29. GFT Data Questions
  30. CMS forex
  31. FXDD or IBFX?
  32. If you start to be successful - Will your broker close you down?
  33. Bid higher than ask!
  34. MbTrading financial capability
  35. Broker complaints get over it ?????
  36. customer support...
  37. Dealing Desk - what does it mean
  38. FXCMs quotAT BESTquot For News
  39. hedging brokers
  40. Metatrader Broker Recommendation
  41. Can a broker execute a market order 1 minute 11 seconds after one clicked the price??
  42. True story of FXCM at best option
  43. Oanda has price movement since 1pm EST.. how come?
  44. Oanda users - Oanda widening spreads
  45. is there a big difference between oanda game and the real account
  46. Forex Club
  47. Brokers that offer Token/Pin card etc. to login
  48. Discussion with these 3 low spread brokers
  49. For Brokers
  50. Alpari.co.uk Discussion
  51. BROKER with metatrader 4
  52. Oanda connection issue
  53. Odl Platform Seems to be freeze...???
  54. Iraqi need to open a live account
  55. GFT Reduces Forex Spreads
  56. Dukascopy
  57. Best Broker for Stock Market/Oil/Gold
  58. Any Idea About North Finance???
  59. OANDA Down?
  60. Ecn with fast stop execution during high volatility
  61. Ecn with fast stop execution during high volatility
  62. Problems finding good futures broker for MT4
  63. FX Sol
  64. Wire money to hotspotfx 6 days before, still no response
  65. Oanda Spike on Thrusaday 26 June, Paid back
  66. Oanda Spike on Thrusaday 26 June, Paid back
  67. ODL demo servers
  68. ODL demo servers
  69. what is difference between trading fx with big bank and broker?
  70. IBFX Named Best Online FX Provider
  71. ECN brokers... Ever reverse trades?
  72. Oil charts on mt4
  73. IBFX server upgrade problemsA
  74. Most brokers use the bid prices as the feed, correct?
  75. Esignal vs retail broker prices - help!
  76. Interbank Spot: quotBank Reversalsquot Make it a Fools Game???
  77. GFT Forex - Down Again 3rd time - Warning
  78. Strange IBFX Problem, chart descrepancy
  79. Can you trade on the CME as a non-member?
  80. Alpari us W8ben form ???
  81. Looking for an ECN broker
  82. Anyone use tdfx broker?
  83. Im looking for a broker thats safe with large deposits, and has good GJ Spreads
  84. Is your brokers time up?
  85. excuse my simple question: how to download oanda chart on PC
  86. Anyone still thinking of opening your own offshore mm Broker House?
  87. What do you think about FX Pro?
  88. CMC Markets
  89. XAU/USD and XAG/USD know of a practice account to trade these?
  90. Discussion on ECN forex broker
  91. Forex.com and micro account
  92. Could you introduce any broker base on ECN plus MT4 plus 4 decimal??
  93. Free money from brokers
  94. Does any brokers MT4 mobile can be run into Android OS?
  95. Broker costs for the EURUSD pair
  96. Broker costs for the EURUSD pair
  97. GoMarkets Discussion
  98. US forex regulations for Japanese
  99. 4 Digit and 5 Digit Brokers
  100. MIG Bank
  101. Any broker with ECN access and credit card deposit/withdraw?
  102. IG Index
  103. Broker which allow Arbitrage trading?
  104. FxPro - Webtrader
  105. Tadawul FX (TDFX) Discussion
  106. Fxpro - Spread
  107. Good Broker for a linux user?
  108. No Spread and Commission Only Forex Broker
  109. Haggling
  110. NASTY Spike on ... thecollectivefx.com
  111. CFTC new Risk Disclosure
  112. CMS ceasing operations for retail traders
  113. Do you go from CMS to Forex.com without VT Trader platform?
  114. Anyone know which brokers offer ProTrader platform?
  115. Lost my first Trade because of Broker
  116. OneDMAFX
  117. Instaforex, are they honest and reliable?
  118. Should U.S. Broker Offer U.S. Traders Their Own Monthly Trading Contest
  119. Smarttradefx
  120. Want To Use A Broker In US With 500:1 Leverage
  121. CitiFX or FinFX - Convince me
  122. FXCM pro
  123. Looking for information about ECN Brokers
  124. Which Broker has the best swap rate?
  125. ECN broker - Dukascopy/IB/Alpari Direct?
  126. Forex CT
  127. U.S. Brokers Financial Report
  128. broker for high volume traders
  129. Can Australian brokers withhold info about their net capital?
  130. Mig Bank / Blackhorse FX
  131. Did it happen to you: Stop being hit even if price is not bid
  132. FxPro xTrader ECN
  133. XM
  134. Broker with 4Hour candles 3,7,11 EST
  135. trading with broker NordFX
  136. Broker with no profit/withdrawal limits
  137. FXPIG discussion
  138. Show me a scam broker
  139. Does anyone know the BMFN (Boston Merchant Financial, Ltd.)?
  140. OANDA spread on EURO 3.0
  141. Will Brokers Ban You For Doing This Practice
  142. Im going live soon so need advice on brokers
  143. CHI-FX is it ECN?
  144. Brokers Controversy
  145. Gold Broker?
  146. My broker declined my deposit
  147. How do you trade Silver with Alpari UK on a micro account?
  148. how about the broker of Pfgbest?
  149. Finding a Foreign Broker for a US citizen
  150. FXDD requotes
  151. Review on FXCC
  152. FCStone StoneX powered by integral charge only $10/m!!
  153. Are ECN brokers better?
  154. Rollover interest rates by broker
  155. Warning broker cheats and plays games during big news!
  156. FX Broker with deposit in SEK currency
  157. What a nightmare depositing funds
  158. IBFX Withdrawal Options
  159. What would you do if you got slipped by -20 pips?
  160. Broker Misrepresentation?
  161. Danger.. Why You Should Stop Trading FX - CHF Rate Decision
  162. Percent Profitable Traders by Broker
  163. Any Reliable Non US retail forex broker with stp
  164. good broker needed for a online broker venture
  165. NDD and ECN different charts?
  166. Is FXDD Down?
  167. HotForex Discussion
  168. Which Is The Best Broker For a Money Manager?
  169. Good Broker for testing and using EAs
  170. Real Time Broker Comparison site
  171. Best Demo platform = Best Real Platform?
  172. MT4 broker Needed with the following
  173. Read how Brokers do business!
  174. Help... Looking for good broker for large US clients
  175. Instant Execution Brokers
  176. NordFX stop hunting, unreliable with quotes
  177. Dcm - direct currency markets
  178. FXDD Malta no conection on and off for hours?
  179. OANDA (canada)
  180. Brokers in British Columbia
  181. Any 100:1 Brokers Left for US Citizens?
  182. Abshire-Smith FSA regulated broker
  183. Anybody heard of fxtm = forextime broker?
  184. Good trading Platform options?
  185. segregation of funds
  186. Broker offering penny accounts to US citizens?
  187. Brokers that liquidate accounts at zero before negative balance occurs
  188. Velocity trade Ltd
  189. Worldspreads shares suspended
  190. Brokers with gold and silver leverage?
  191. How good is MBT MT4 platform?
  192. Broker that quotes Brent Crude Oil prices
  193. Oanda Practice account question
  194. FXCM UKs Spreads during Aussie market?
  195. Broker with best positive rollover?
  196. Broco gone, now who is the go-to for ALL things on MT4?
  197. X-Trade Brokers (XTB)
  198. What maximum lot sizes will brokers accept?
  199. FXOpen AU Discussion
  200. First Swedish Research AB (FSR Global) - What is it?
  201. LiquidMarkets
  202. Searching for a broker for cent accounts
  203. MT4 Broker That Offers 1-10-30 sec charts?
  204. Who has a FXOpen ECN rebate?
  205. Looking for Currenex Broker with $5000 deposit
  206. Which broker allows overseas client trade from US?
  207. List of unreliable brokers (updated once a week)
  208. NFA Files Another Complaint Against Alpari US
  209. I want a good regulated binary options broker
  210. Why are good honest true brokers not allowed to serve US clients?
  211. Oanda does not insure funds in the event of insolvency
  212. Any broker which have Saudi Arabia SAR currency pairs?
  213. Why do some brokers not want hedging and scalper trades?
  214. Hotspot FX
  215. Stop loss triggered before price was met
  216. Any legit 1000:1 plus leverage brokers?
  217. Broker that triggers buy stop at bid price and fills at ask?
  218. NinjaTrader has screwed up big time!
  219. Etoro discussion
  220. Admiral Markets UK Ltd
  221. No Deposit Bonus Brokers
  222. High leverage low stop-out level broker
  223. What do you think about FXOpen?
  224. Binary options broker?
  225. Scammers - Life Capital (Probusinessbank)
  226. Broker With Currency Indices?
  227. Suitable ECN Broker for 1million plus Account Size
  228. The Collective FX Recovery Effort
  229. Plus500
  230. FxPro UK vs FxPro Cyprus
  231. 1 cent per pip regulated MT4 broker
  232. anyone have experience with MXTrade?
  233. Brokers chasing you for negative account balance
  234. Could This Be The End For FXCM
  235. How is this broker: UWC
  236. Mubasher Trade
  237. Looking For A New Broker Since Boston Prime Went Bankrupt
  238. Please do not trust the FCA
  239. FxPro opinions?
  240. IC Markets Slippage Grey Hairs
  241. Best UK FCA-regulated FX Broker?
  242. Looking for a Bonus Deposit Broker
  243. New Zealand is a scam haven for FX - Avoid!
  244. Can anyone recommend a reliable Broker?
  245. FXTradeweb
  246. Key to Markets broker
  247. Qu├ębec, Canada - Cant find a forex broker
  248. Any broker with No Expiry Demo and custom account conditions
  249. HotForex New York close charts?
  250. Looking for brokers where 1 lot = 1000