Broker that quotes Brent Crude Oil prices
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Thread: Broker that quotes Brent Crude Oil prices

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    Hi -- Can appreciate any help in loing a broker who quotes Brent oil prices.I am a brief term trader away a one minute chart so can be on the market for seconds only and upwards. I am searching for :-

    1. Tight spreads.
    2. Low costs.
    3. Regulated / segregation of funds.

    Broker will highly improbable be a market maker but would consider their ecn / stp type of account. Any help appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Deltastock has it.
    Thanks will have a look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Deltastock has it.
    Only spoke to the live chat guy , he gave me a couple of live quotes , first had been 3 point spread next was 6 point spread a couple of minutes later , I can't operate with 6 point spreads and the market is pretty quiet and settled in a range for the last 3 hours , what would it be when it was busy ?

    Thanks anyway.

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    I believe that you'll have trouble loing retail broker with greater disperse.
    There is absolutely no commission so Deltastock adds a mark-up to the spread.
    On the flip side, LMAX includes a four points spread but you pay commissions.

    BTW Deltastock has lately included LMAX as a new liquidity provider.

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