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    I wasn't able to find this info so thought we could start it here to try and establish the brokers using best/worst rates.

    I'm going to get the ball rolling comparing some brokers I have used to compare rollover rates. I'm using AUD/USD as the comparison. Please add other brokers and other currency pairs .

    I've estimated these using info in their sites or checking the true interest rate payments received on transactions. Pretty sure that these are accurate enough, joyful for anybody including site reps to make any corrections or add their rollover rates.

    Broker // Extended AUD/USD rate // Daily Rate
    MBTrading // 3.75% // 0.01042%
    IGMarkets // 4.38% // 0.01200%
    GoMarkets // 3.46% // 0.00948%

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    Clearly no one is interested in this, so I wont post about it after this one, just wanted to update with the rates that I found instead of the esitmated. These will be the swaps they advertise and I'm assuming no extra fees are accepted from these

    The 3 brokers I've listed are only brokers I have used or'm using and may discover real swap rates for.

    AUD/USD Long / Short
    Gomarkets: 9.4845 / -17.6141
    MB Trading: 10.4167 / -14.167
    Pepperstone: 8.7 / -18.2

    Gomarkets: 2.9883 / -5.5498
    MB Trading: 0.4167 / -1.527
    Pepperstone: 1.1 / -2.8

    I don't have any idea why there are these variances between brokers and pairs. Table below shows the inconsistency

    extended ...//Best//Midddle//Worst
    AUD/USD//MBT // Move // Pep
    EUR/JPY // Move //Pep // MBT

    brief ...//Best//Midddle//Worst
    AUD/USD//MBT //Move // Pep
    EUR/JPY //MBT //Pep // Move

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    This is a vital element in deciding on a Forex Broker, and I'm amazed it does not get discussed.

    One interesting discrepancy exists with the pair ZAR / JPY. The interest rates for South African Rand are clearly much greater than the Yen, and yet most brokers will cover very little, or not, charge for holding a long ZAR.JPY position...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This is actually a critical element in selecting a Forex Broker, and I am amazed it does not get discussed more often. One discrepancy exists with the pair ZAR / JPY. The interest rates for South African Rand are clearly greater than the Yen, and most brokers will charge very little, or no, credit for holding a very long ZAR.JPY standing...
    Hi Vispilio,

    You can make rollover interest (AKA swap) on a very long ZAR/JPY place with

    Below is a photo of our current rates obtained from our FOREXTrader platform. ZAR/JPY highlighted at the base can be seen by you. The current rates show that you can get 57 cents to get a 10K extended ZAR/JPY place or about $5.70 to get a standard lot (100K) that is open at commerce rollover time which is 5 PM New York Time.

    you may be interested in this additional discussion comparing exchange rates for EUR/TRY

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