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Thread: Lets trade DAG coins - IOTA, Raiblock, Byteball

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    So IOTA being at loion 10 and raiblock at 16 on coinmarketcap is sufficient to become aware, they won't disappear or worse: downgrade to a bucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So IOTA being at place 10 and raiblock in 16 on coinmarketcap is enough to become aware they won't vanish some day/ or worse: downgrade to some bucks within hours?!
    No, of course not. XRP is at place. However, it means nothing. If XRP founders decide to cash out, it'll be gone in a day or 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote No, of course not. XRP is at loion. However, it means nothing. If XRP founders opt to cash out, it will be gone in a day or 2.
    Yep that's the risk with coins , though Ripple does not seem like that Sort of scam and operate

    nevertheless , better to Pick the most solid and trustworthy

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    Raiblock has fallen to 28$, in the whole huge brand crypto market we see some sort of consolidation.
    Still, There's distance...
    Thus Raiblock could be renamed into Nano

    XRB looks promising, coin of this month on binance.com

    IOTA seems to be more stable

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    We see a -VERY- big consolidation at the crypto-market, only ethereum managed to avoid it.
    Maybe time is changing again, what we watched last months and weeks goes into opposite direction today?!
    However, after loses Raiblock managed to gain about 4%, IOTA has its very first day in weeks using a big loss (-14%)

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    Much needed thread. I see IOTA as great investment in long run. Price is stable unlike other coins which are draining and dumping.

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    Ask a developer and they will tell you that IOTA and Raiblocks are based upon unproven tech. There's only a whitepaper to analyze their own claims.

    To be fair, I think that the actual worth is using Byteball, as it is much ahead of both of these, yet the market cap is a fraction of the price (I suspect as a result of poor marketing/branding). Anyone who has used their pocket will realise just how awesome it is and it's working now! Try using Raiblocks wallet- that the sync period makes it.

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    Insane. All first 20 currencies (by capitalization) are in minus today, about -20%.
    XRB now at 13$; when it has a future, buying today would be okay.

    IOTA has lost 26% today, value 2,17$
    The doubt in bitcoin, that has fallen from 17k to 10k let all currencies drop...
    the sole currencies today, which grow (out of 100!) Are
    Neblio 60% today

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    Invested into Raiblock at 13$, currently at 19$
    also bought IOTA at 2,17$, currently at 2,85$
    still, when it comes to crypto currencies, my main trading currenies are btc/xrp
    as my broker supports them, unlike xrb/iota which I have to trade at binance.
    However, I personally believe if cryptos have a future, and I believe that they will, it is currently only a time of change...
    and a fantastic time to invest into it.

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    Just assessed bitcoin 15 minutes ago and today, was about 10k some thing, now already at 11.143$, in a quarter hour.

    You see, as btc moves, many over currencies go upward, additionally iota raiblock.
    My theory goes:
    btc simply grew too fast, had to retrace and skip back. Then there was also that issue, china and south korea trying to prohibit cryptos.
    But so long as none of the western countries goes same way, btc will consolidate and move upward again.
    It's just a question of time, until it - and - ethereum ripple being toghether the initial 3 - are recognized enough.
    Only then people will ask for that which technology is better, and perhaps afterward iota, xrb or others will have thei main time.

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