How people should really trade!
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Thread: How people should really trade!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thus, after fuelling various arguments and coming down sick on a monday and not ending up jetting off to work.

    I decided to post a bit of advice as to how people actually break in the trading market.

    It does not demand a colourful indior, it does not involve a sign with an arrow stating GO LONG NOW. . It includes the market prices.

    Many people will call it patterns, others will call it price action, others may have various other names for it. However, I think jacko was half way there with the to define the trend look in which way on the...
    You are talking about nothing new. I have been talking about the stuff for months.

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    I think, perhaps what he is trying to convey, is exactly the UGLY TRUTH of trading, also it is, that's it's a task that a kid can do, it's not difficult in any way, with or without indiors.

    What's difficult, is cope with emotions related to how much money we get or we loose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    You are discussing nothing new. I have been talking about the stuff for months.
    I already mentioned that folks have been saying it for ages. Or at least in my way because of lack of mental capacity. . My body temp is 41oC.

    What I am saying is, a million guys have systems here and everywhere. When actually applied to reside trading they neglect... FACT...

    These folks are vouched members on here purely due to their contribution to the forum, rather than the fact they could actually exchange.

    It's NOT difficult to put up a chart and say that I traded this, see heres my previous tense trade. . I could tell a million trades I took after the actuality to you. Its meaningless and clutters the forums.

    This spiteful thread is directed at a few, they understand who they are. Without actually trading them, that appear to push around their methods. Claiming they are traders, when infact they wouldnt have the stomach to exchange live. Notably with their system. Most of them are forum hoppers, after caught out they go into the next.

    The sad thing is, when exposed on this forum, the mods delete the exposing posts, since they are vouched members. One of these vouched under another username for himself. GO FIGURE?

    Its sad that most people wish to follow the colors, rather than the truth.

    I commend anyone who deals like a true trader. Be point and click or it perceptible. But from all of the 10 V members on this forum, I would say there could be blessed to be 20 or so that actually trade profitably, and they all transaction. And try to have others on a colourful system with arrows and noises.

    I'll post up some charts shortly.


    Now back to bed.

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    Please we are waiting to see your chart

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    Reminds me of how the skunny thread started.

    No usage shooting arrows untill you find the enemy though.

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    What is skunny? Anyhow. . Heres a chart for you. I even drew 2 lines on it to reveal what I would think creatively...

    As you can see, the market is sideways (the prices are going across the chart instead of diagonally up or down). That notion is additionally supported by the 200 SMA. In the procedure of fantastic trading, I would find the solid range (in which the maximum resistance and support are, and place some stop orders there.

    If trading a range market, you need to always expect small rewards, instead of big ones, since the markets tend to range (go figure). The point is to get everything you can out of the market.

    That I am looking in the eur/aud now because I got a call from a client from job asking why I am at home and what is the euro performing (versus the AUD like I live in australia).

    As you can see, should I happen to be in the office, I would have made a couple of pips on the current break, nothing significant, but enough for some coffee. I will find another chart up a trade tonight.

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    Another one, with a trade I reserved. Its all in the name of fun although it had been kind of reserved for novelty, but anyway.

    The price action has been a break from a triangle around the 1hr. The triangle is obvious.

    The only sad part about the trade is that the trend is down to the very long term, and nobody likes to trade against the trend.

    My trader tag is High frequency that means counter trend trades should pop up if there's some form of retracement, and if you dont take them, you have a tendency to get fired. . .As a few staff members found out when they took on the economic panic of their markets.

    I simply changed my stop back to the range, since the candle appears like it may retrace (again discretional price action).

    There are no mechanics in trading, only discretion.

    I am not telling you guys anything new here. . Just continuing the attempts of others to point out arrows and that colors and signals are very pretty, but they will not work over the long term for you.

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