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Thread: Trading Psychology: Mistakes in a Trading Environment

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    Trade is very hard for me... especially I am unpatient individual.... Can't wait...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    trade is very hard for me... specially I am unpatient individual.... Can not wait....
    Most programs are designed according to static chart reading. Your brain hypnotizes when you build a habit of watching PA. At some point you commit a mistake. After the move is over, when you look back in the historic chart/data which has now become static, you wonder why did you commit that ridiculous error.... And you continue repeating this over and over again.

    Let the chart become rancid before you change your deal. The majority of the time, your thought is right.

    This thought might help you develop a while. Is related to your position dimensions, smaller.

    Great trading all.

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    Tis all about Plogy.

    I have had a system which works very well for 2years or so which I'm still using, but merely just getting myself to a plogical degree where I could actually start applying the machine, rather than dismissing it and making stupid trades normally contrary to the machine which results in sure death 90% of the time.

    I can't exit losers in accordance with the systems program that dooms me.

    I can't jump onto a momentum move which my system clearly points out and has a very high probability of making a massive profit for very little at risk.

    It's bloody hard work and very tiring FORCING to exchange clever and dismiss your gut response / subconscious's incorrect trades, although it becomes easier the more you fight it, it's still VERY tiring to me strangely. Reprogramming neural pathways and that!!

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