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Thread: Will Fed Do The Unexpected And Leave Rates Unchanged!!

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    Okay here is my take on the FOMC later now.

    Senario 1:

    Fed cuts interest rate by 0.25 point as everyone expects then the things will continue as like now. 0.25 is the consensus.

    Scenario two:

    Fed cuts interest rate by 0.50 point then the dollar will gets hammered today then again on friday with NFP.

    Scenario 3:

    If Fed decides to not cut the interest rate then dollar may strengthen a little only to be hammered on friday with the launch of Non-Farm Rolls

    there'll be lots of volatility across news time. Hang on to your seats and revel in the ride while the dollar get hammered. There are NO fundamentals to suggest a dollar revival. Perhaps a span of profit as levels are shown by most indiors on eur/usd, taking

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    US News seems good today, let us see what happens at 2:15PM EST.....

    Article excerpt from this morning:

    There is optimism in the air on the Street that morning, and U.S. futures are pointed greater, indiive of a positive open to the routine session of trading. Fed watchers are commonly expecting another rate adorable (probably a 25-basis-point cut) to follow up last month's 50-basis point cut. It seems that those dre of the other point draw down are meticulous, especially after reports yesterday that the Fed even considered no interest-rate cut.

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    Well... GDP did come from @ 3.9 (1st article points in low 3.1 as an issue).

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    Ranked - GDP comes at greater, however, the Fed has aquiesced into Wall ST. that I think that it was a big mistake to decrease the rate. One has to push around a mall on Sunday or Saturday to see customer spending fine. Foreclosures are restricted to a much smaller area and pct than news media leads us to believe.
    Markets are way out of line with reality now. Selling EURUSD pays a swap rate, and European market fundamentals are not any more powerful than US even poorer. Why is Euro so powerful against dollar? Could be oil prices.
    Talking of oil prices. Supply and demand are in the equation. Oil goes up because Bush calls Iran terrorist. So what. He's been doing this for the last 5 or 4 decades. And why should oil companies, traders, etc., be concerned about a skirmish between Turkey and the Kurds. It's just any excuse to buy. I can not wait for big oil speculators to receive their butts handed to them. And think, it will happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Again, from my point, at the current situation I really don't find any rate-cut any shortly, but neither a rate-increase
    it seems that my view is not the like the Fed. They understand more then do

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    I Had Been Incorrect

    edit: lol I can't read a fed Announcement correctly ^^

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