Hi Tesla!

This indior is among the best I have seen on the net. If in the future you want to blow our heads off [again!] , please think about adding these attributes to this alert:

1) Have the alert also recognize these things if typed into the description box of the item...

Alert_XX_Above... we will be alarmed when price is XX pips above the item.

Alert_XX_Below... we will be alarmed when price is XX pipx beneath the object.

Alert_UpClose_30M... The UpClose refers to a candle close above the object. The 30M refers to the timeframe of the candle close. In this case, we would be alarmed if the 30min candle sticks above (Alert_UpClose) the item. Evidently, the alert should be able to comprehend different timeframes (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1) to employ.

Alert_DnClose_H4... here, by way of instance, we would be alerted while the 4H candle sticks below the item.

When the above can be programmed, it would make this alert a trader's best friend.

And, since I'm dreaming...

2) It'd be just awesome if this alert managed to comprehend the Alert_XX found in the Descriptions of another MT4 objects like the Fibo instrument or equidistant channel. Underneath the Levels tab, there's a Description box when amounts are added. The alert can hunt for the Alert_XX prompt here. Is this possible?

3) The ultimate luxury attribute is if the alert could comprehend the Alert_XX immediate found from the Description boxes of MT4 indiors. By way of instance, about the Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages, you will find Description boxes under the Levels tab when we add amounts. Could this be possible?

I don't know if those things are possible with programming. If anybody decides to do so on, it might put a smile on the face of every trader that came across it: