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    Hello there'Pip Producers'... A newbie here, is it possible to code what I have attached here. This is a kijun sen lineup that changes colour when candle crosses it. Thank you very much. #Ichimoku_fans picture

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    MA Color Fill Alerts

    Color Fill OptionsPrice - MA1 Price - MA2 MA1 - MA2 No Fill Alert: MA1 EMA-Period 21-Shift 25-Price LowRecompiled and updated in accore with new code - #property strictOnly bullish alerts upper boundary Only bearish alerts lower boundary Bullish and bearish alerts when boundaries overlaid. Notes of Alerts: (note: copy and paste from Color Fill Kijun Alerts as similar applies to MA boundaries) - source

    From crossover code reviewed the popular strategy is - bullish crossover: bar open lt;= KS bar close gt;= KS. The reverse for bearish crossover.
    In order to generate a signal the bar open to close width must intercept the KS, MA, line or boundary.
    Bar open close both gt; or lt; is a state of always-in-alert and isn't a viable alternative.

    A problem of missed signal happens when the open to close width of the signal bar gaps up or down without intercept across the Tenkan or Kijun boundary.
    In order to boost prevention of over I've coded - bullish crossover: bar low lt;= upper boundary bar close gt;= Upper boundary. Bearish crossover: bar high gt; =lower boundary bar close lt;= lower boundary.

    This results in additional alerts after a bullish crossover if bullish low wicks intercept the upper boundary and after bearish crossover if bearish high wicks intercept the lower boundary.
    As every transaction has a possible price this is deemed a worthy payoff against missed signals.

    Picture: A bar open-close gap down in the lower boundary (missed signal alert) and bear bar wick high intercepting the lower boundary generating bearish signal (bullish bars dismissed ).

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    For use with above indior Color Fill MA Alerts or 2 MAs (MA1 MA2)The indior will place chart Mode to candles. (can be flashed as required) The indior will place Chart Foreground = untrue. (can be flashed as required but demanded for indior candles to be observable ) Chart candles will be background along with indior candles overlaid. Chart candles utilized as candles in the color fill/cloud - note: place as required - picture chart candle color DarkSlateGray.

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    Reviewing this thread after a while - a credit score oversight - this above isn't my code -

    Its a now gone Forex-TSD document - probably by mladen or or some other

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