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    Please Refrain from Posting with comments in this Journal and giving me Up. Not Needed. Remarks == PM. IF you understand economics, in case you have taken Micro and Macro or you have a passion for economics AND you have valuable Graphs, Information, Resources,etc.. Go right ahead and link me. . Not for the Newbie. This Forum is Designed to have a better comprehension of how Investors think and how the World works. Jim Rogers and Peter Schiff Kick*$*

    Some Fundamentals.
    Some Predictions
    Some Charts
    Some Extended Term Diversifiion.

    -Discovered Oanda's ability to diversify into other currencies at Real Exchange Rates. Also allows Sub Accounts in seperate currencies and with the capability to utilize PAMM. Managing all sub accounts will be a click.

    List of Currencies:

    Australian Dollar (AUD)
    Canadian Dollar (CAD)
    Euro (EUR)
    Great Britain Pound (GBP)
    Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
    Japanese Yen (JPY)
    Singapore Dollar (SGD)
    Swiss Franc (CHF)
    US Dollar (USD)
    Sub Account ID
    Goal of Journal.
    Try to Predict LongTerm Fundamentally sound diversifiion.

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    UK Retail sales.7% higher than August forecast. A.4% increase in last month.
    While economics nevertheless forecast weak expansion in 2011, customers are still spending that may have a positive impact on GBP GDP report. If customers continue to invest and show little strength to the slowing economy, we may find more investors speculating on pound power. From a technical standpoint, GBP is bearish and the increase in Retails Revenue can account for summer habits and increased tourism. We may see a radical fall in retial earnings after the summer.
    Equities World Wide are at a decline and secure haven currencies still exhibit an upward tendency.

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    Interest Rates-
    Unfortunately the high cost of disperse eliminates the yield rollover for quite some time, but finding potential weekly tendencies would still be favorable.



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    AUGUST 2010--CAD Trade Balance Down 1 Billion

    About 65% of Canadian exports are Bought by the US;
    Less Exports=Less Demand = Smaller Growth
    Shrinking Economy=Less Jobs
    Less Money to Save and to Spend
    Businesses Cut Costs,production,Salary,employment
    Employees, Companies, World economies are all affected.

    Rush into Safe currencies until the dust clears and till we find new economic growth and or Economical policy reformation.

    AUGUST 2010- USD Trade Balance Down 50 Billion

    Future Looks Grim

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