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    I see is a journal section here. I figure this is a great place to post live trades. My own thread...I believe I got water in my mind. Anywho, this community has given me a lot and has helped me to where I am now, I think it's time to give back to the community.

    My commerce rule:

    Tp and Sl Aren't set in stone. I shall take profit early and reduce losses if I see signs of change. And occasionally for the big trades, I'll move sl into profit/BE and let the trade run. I'll post it if I do.

    My System:

    A lot of everything I utilize are already widely discussed on this site. If you have some time to navigate this enormously informational site, you may at the very least become an extremely good trader. I've just been trading for about a year and as a consequence of this site I am able to start turning profits in my trading. Here is what I use:

    MA's: 5sma, 50ema, 100sma
    Trendlines, Gann HiLo, Momentum, QQE
    70% Technical, 30% Fundamental -- placing less emphasis on the fundamental features helped my trading tremendously (test on free news sites such as bloomberg, yahoo and cnn for any major development)

    All of these indiors are extremely common. But there's a saying it's not what you use, it's how you utilize it.

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    SL 203.50
    TP 205.40

    This really is just a scalp of the range GJ is currently in.

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    Took profit at 205 for 50 pips. There's the hourly gann, 50 ema, and 100 sma from the 205.20 region.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    great luck... happy trades

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    Looking at the daily charts for UJ and GJ, both have broken from their various channels, there is A LOT of room to go up. GU has hit service at 1.9755 so it could be bouncing its way up again. Meaning GJ will soar if both GU and UJ are moving in precisely the exact same direction. I am still waiting for GBP news in 40 minutes. When it's not too poor or as anticipated, I will look for a good entry for extended GJ. When it's worse than anticipated, the GJ will range like a confused bear because UJ is not giving up any of its gain and GU will probably go down.

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    Looks like GJ is trying break out upwards as I type due to GU bouncing off of support. This is speculative buying of GU or perhaps some people just knew the GBP news before it got released. Anyways, I'll wait patiently after the news to have a position. If it takes off without me, so be it.

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    Retail earnings -.4% vs -.3% which is worse than anticipated but not quite bad. I had been hoping to see a favorable news so GJ would eventually find a very clear direction. I'm taking a look at the hourly near GU and it appears like it will still close at the support. I guess we will see more ranging till US news. I'm still very long biased.

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    Two levels I'm looking in: 205.50 (1h 100sma and 4h gann). A persuasive break of this level will be really great for long. 204.70 (weekly ), a fracture of this service will be good for short but just great until 203.80 (4H 50ema). So short don't have good targets where so long has more potential. I will be back later if I take any transactions.

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