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    I chart with tradestation therefore my prices could be sligtly different from the neighborhood's. My purpose is to reach 10 pips/day without having a losing week.

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    I have been losing money for some time now due to stupidity. My setups appear to be operating well, but my subject was suspicious. My setups are fairly straightforward and appear to be quite large probability. I left a couple of bucks now from these but forgot to post. I will do this starting tonight.

    For refrence, the trades I took now are,

    sell stop GBPUSD 1.9628, buy limitation 1.9618 with stop loss at1.9676.
    Tp hit 10

    buy stop GBPUSD 1.9686 using tp in 1.9696 and prevent loss at 1.9653.

    I know the risk reward appears bad, but if excruciating, these setups hit in the rather large %ile which is better suited for my temperment.

    Occasionally the setups allow for higher tps based on the way the pair opens the day.

    Anyway, so far 20 pips. I shall end my day even though a decent setup appears to be forming in GBPUSD.

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    Trade forming today where I'll start with 2 lots.Stop reduction will be 1.9677.
    Tp 1 will be 10 pips from entrance, tp 2 will be 1.9741
    entrance order will be buy gbpusd stop @ 1.9701

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    Are you willing to talk about your egy for getting 10 pips per day? How much are you going to be willing to put at risk to obtain these 10 pips per day?

    Thanks, and may success crown your efforts!

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