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    Hello Everybody! This is the unofficial journal for Trend Follower 5 Minute System. I am not a beginner trader but I would label itself as beginner still, I had modest success with trading but I didn't have a group system of rules and was not always trading.

    So here it is, my trade journal. This thread will be specifically for the tendency follower 5 minute system. FYI, I am not personally trading together with the EA. . .feel free to post results from either but I am focusing on manual trading.

    I'll be posting every trading day of this week, even if no trades are taken. I hope this is helpful to any new comers and is helpful for me personally. Happy trading.

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    I Use a hybrid system(trend followe 5 minute and EASY).

    Watch this article:

    This system save many false alerts,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey Kush,

    Good , we want someone to keep track of the famed trading systems. I was a believer of Trend Follower also. I look forward to seeing the outcomes

    Good luck on your articles. Will keep checking .
    Was? How come?
    The volatility in the market recently?

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    I took a commerce on the EUR/USD and will post the results on my diary. I received the sign and everything lined up, price was between two pivot points and the distance was quite brief. . .25 pips involving pivots.

    This really is how I executed the trade. I opened a position .10 lots on a miniature that's ten cents a pip, when I hit break even I closed out half of the position and set stop loss to break even. . .clumsily I was only able to set the stop loss at 1 pip below break even.

    Which looking back I didn't follow the rules on exit and stop loss. . .Please people have a look at the attached image and let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.

    NOTE: if I had of followed the rules I'd still be in and be up.

    EUR/USD 11/16/08 3:37 GMT reduction of 1 pip
    Account Starting Balance 3000
    Current Balance 2999.95
    Trades taken thus far 1

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    Thank You for the support Navin. I was going to send you a PM but apparently I do not have access to ship??? I've sent a message to the admins to check it out.

    Glad to here you have used the machine, hope you had a fantastic experience with this particular system. I read in the original instructions that this trading methodology was created to be both profitable and teach folks how to better understand fad, use of indiors, and the reason why they make trading decisions.

    I would really like to hear about your experience, I do plan on taking on a more active and less conservative trading system. I had been looking at the Powerful 1 Min Scalping System (Fx Prime). I like how they have a chat room installation for everyone using this machine. . .that's what I would really like to have for this...I may even setup a MIRC station. It's fun when you make a community experience and can trade with people.
    I want a system which will give me trade opportunities but I need to stick with this system and move on to more advanced systems. One thing I truly should get used to is executing the trades and setting my stops and managing the trades with ease.

    Please allow me to understand how this method worked for you and what you're using now. Please don't hesitate to criticize my trades, particularly since you used the machine before!!! Thank you for your support and hope to see you soon.

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    Market is looking flat so far...I should be up for an hour or two. If I don't get any other trade, I only need to wrap up tonight.

    On the commerce I did take, I did not follow the rules with my stop loss. I was reading some posts on money management and tried to implement some of the things I'd read, next time I will just follow the rules.

    I'd notice that my take profit could have been rather close to a number of the pivot points... actually the range I had been trading in was about twenty pips involving pivots.

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    I might want to modify systems. I feel like I discovered one which would better fit my trading style. I have not found very many commerce opportunities with this particular system, I'm forced to see a few pairs at a time and that can be overwhelming.

    I will examine the machine tonight and make a choice...I'll keep myself submitted.

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    After the 4hr candle closed it was a failed pub because it had touched both ema's and close over the large ema. The following bar met the criteria for a suitable setup bar but it did make a slightly lower . [IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME~1/home/LOCALS~1/Temp/moz-screenshot-1. jpg[/IMG]

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    Except for leaving you dead journal!

    I really do have a new journal, a breath of new life and devotion is pouring into my new journal. My footprints will be left

    Using THV now

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    Hey Kush,

    Good , we need someone to keep track of the famed trading systems. I was a follower of Trend Follower also. I look forward to seeing the outcomes

    Good luck in your posts. Will keep checking .

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