Market Orders or Limit Orders?
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Thread: Market Orders or Limit Orders?

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    Which would you prefer?

    Personally, I have discovered my limit orders frequently hit by spikes. I would prefer it if limit orders are executed when prices close either at it, or above/below it.

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    Yea I suspect so also, my broker is interbankfx. Additionally, once I put a buy or sell order, it generally gets hit and reverses. Anybody else experiencing the exact same issue?

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    All of your stop are coming to us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    All of your discontinue are coming to us!
    You need to be vewy vewy quiet. We're searching stops... LOL


    you're right, the spike and change is most likely an engineered market move in a quiet time, looking for liquidity... Normally it is not just your broker. It is a group of larger players and when people in the know see what's going on, they jump on for the ride...

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    Damn, I made sure that I put my stops at weird places. Looks like you've got me now Darkstar and Smjones...

    but I'll be back. astalavista baby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Damn, I made certain that I put my stops at odd loions. Looks like you have got me this time Darkstar and Smjones...

    but I will be back. astalavista baby.
    If you'd like to see a fantastic description of this, There is a chapter in Joe Ross' book Trading Ross Hooks. It goes in deapth how this can occur and how to protect your self out of it...

    The book is really good, but the chapter about this is quite excellent.

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