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    How can you guarantee consistent profitability and guarantee success in Forex trading? Is it not by learning how to trade better and applying what you learn in consistently efficient trading?

    I began trading FX sometime in 2011. As soon as I started, I had been carried away by how much I wanted to make in the shortest possible time. With minimal time on demonion, and not understanding what I was doing the demonion for, I burnt three reside accounts in rapid succession. You bet, I had been put up for failure. I laid low for a while but was other sites for trading ideas and techniques. Somewhat, I had been taking in by the search for the Holy Grail. Sounds familiar? Recipe for failure? You gamble but I realized after a period of I had been missing: Get a single simple, functional system with that I am comfortable and master it to get successful and consistent FX trading. That brought me back to live FX trading roughly four months ago and made me become a member December 2015. To succeed in FX trading demands understanding what you currently lack; mend it and learn how to improve on trading better on a daily basis.

    So, I am starting this thread so that like-minded traders and I can share ideas and expertise on trading better, easy and consistently efficient systems for ensured profitability and achievement. Also, want to use this thread to complement my trading journal, Just Keen Pips Weekly.

    Regarding my degree of trading experience, I am purely a student but I am making the sort of progress I want to see for consistent profitable trading. But I will not be posting my commerce explorer here. It's accessible my micro reside accounts.

    The ribbon is open who discuss the value of constant improvement and cautious trading to share their trading expertise and ideas. But do keep things easy and be non-judgmental, non-exhibitionist and non-offensive. Let us do things by of ethics, with emphasis on respect for fellow members. In regard to attachments and charts, please make them simple and clean; not to confuse or confound simple minded people like me.


    Edit: I'd started this thread under the'Trading Discussion' section but within one single day, the Admin transferred it into'Trading Journals' section. But as I already had a trading journal'Simply Keen Pips Weekly', it is going to be appropriate and more efficient to concentrate on just 1 trading diary so I am quitting'Simply Keen Pips Weekly' with this particular thread, whose title brings out the essence of my articles and Forex trading: simplicity, better trading and consistent efficiency for sustainable, effective trading.


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    Last weekI took a while to watch three pairs that I had in my list. It was becoming clear that I want to trade less number of pairs. So, I took an excellent part of last week to watch three pairs. I'm aware that newbies tend to be advised to stick to one or two pairs for a while. I'd passed this stage but I had to prevent the temptation of investing a lot of pairs for quality analysis and conclusion. So, I put three pairs on a watch list. I will pick only one of them in the next few days. Anyone has a similar experience?


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    A trader must know when not to trade. Is now not such a day?


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    Do you seek ways to boost your trading abilities and egy?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Can you seek ways to boost your trading abilities and egy? KP
    Hey Keen,

    In my opinion this is a massive mistake which we all of us do. Sometimes everything works very well, and we still try to improve it, this is where area could save you.

    To newbies, you need to master your system before attempting to improve it, unless you want to maintain blow ing your accounts.

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    Agreed, aStriker; jumping from one system to another is not highly recommended. However, improving your trading skills and making a practical trading system more effective is vital. But working on an efficient trading system in order to make it into an ideal one is not highly recommended.


    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hey Keen, In my view this is a massive mistake that we all of us do. Sometimes everything works very well, and we still try to enhance it, that is where area could save you. To newbies, you need to master your system before trying to enhance it, unless you want to keep blow ing your accounts.

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    'Don't focus on making money, focus on protecting what you've' - Tudor Jones, Market Wizard

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    How important is it to utilize confluence of signals for trade entrance?


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    Concentrate your total focus on trading consistently well, the results will follow. Is that a mindset you think is worth adopting?


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    One of those customs worth growing for successful trading is to control your emotions when you trade. If your transaction is performing well, do not go forward with excitement; if you're making a loss, do not get crushed by it.


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