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Thread: Indiors for rookies

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    Hello to all,
    Yes, indiors play a very important role in helping the traders to comprehend the price action. Recognizing technical indiors for a newbie could take a lot of time. Being a newbie, I rely on MACD, EMA and RSI indior which makes me understand the price action at a better way.
    One should even go for news, along with other economic events that would influence the price motion because every time technical indiors do not show a real picture. Clubbing technical indiors together with news/fundamentals would give a clearer picture.

    Have a Fantastic afternoon!!

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    I believe the indior that suits newbies is the MACD and moving averages. These are simple to find idea about price movement and reversal things.

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    One of the main benefits of trading off indiors is they help you make more objective decisions. Rather than relying on pure price action where it's really hard to quantify what a head and shoulders would be, investing in a moving average cross gives you a set of transparent, explicit rules it's possible to backtest and then trade live.

    Loing the relationships between indiors can be incredibly important. Trading off an RSI alone isn't going to work the majority of the moment but if you merely search for over-bought or even over-sold reversal signals in a volatile, choppy market (as defined by another indior), you can greatly increase your chances of success.

    Finally, managing expectations is incredibly significant. If you can find a egy that is consistently 50% accurate with a 1:2 risk-to-reward ratio you're in fantastic shape! However, lots of inexperienced trades are searching for unrealistic returns and end up risking far too much per transaction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Aren't indiors a kind of price action?
    No; they are not.

    Price action approaches are ways of trading with no dependency on indiors.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    As far as I know, studying candlestick and discovering indiors in them is what price action is all about.
    Apologies for the contentious tone, but this is in fact deeply mistaken.

    Many price action traders do not use candlesticks whatsoever (as well as not using indiors).

    And even among those who do, candlestick patterns are definitely not regarded indiors.

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    1. Levels of support and resistance
    2. Alligator Bollinger MA (together with your own spans)
    3. trendlines
    4. Fractals
    That's enough for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Learn Support Resistance, it will over the years do more for you than some other indior will.
    So true! Support/Resistance is your tool that is technical that is fantastic! Within my live trading I always use daily S/R levels for differentiating the market tendency.

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    Great baby! This could become a fantastic spot for individuals (begginers or not) to earn a feedback channel about the way the indiors could socialize together.

    So. . .right now I am using the Bollinger bands with EMA... the very first put on 20 periods and also the EMA on 15. I am staring to understand that in case the EMA crosses the top Bollinger, it will necessary go to the middle. . .but I might be wrong. I will take some screenshots and I will get them here!

    Mr or Ms Jetson. . .good thread! see ya baby!

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