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Thread: When to shut EA off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    As a number of people have stated, turn off the EA once the market changes in a way that is likely to make the EA's actions unprofitable for you.
    What tools use to track EAs performance?

    Assume your testing interval [back/fwd] draw downs are just like 10%. And get current DD following 30% gain - just like 20%.
    So when to stop?
    When total return drops to zero or below?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I think you need to understand the rationale of your EA first and adjust accordingly, but I normally shut off my EA when there is NFP, FOMC, central bank interest rate's conclusion.
    Please explain it such as EAs:[suppose all have optimized sl,tp,be,ts , stop or limit orders - in case it is reasonable]

    1. EA takes trades based on M15, 3 hammers/ shooting stars - just when volume is rising and hammers/stars length no longer than 10 pubs and are roughly on similar level. Trade risk adjusted to (backtested) DD 10 percent
    When would you turn it off/ adjust anything?

    2. EA takes trades based on H4,
    EMA5/EMA 10 cross with Stoch and RSI (or MFI) in limits and on appropriate half.

    please add if neccessary some exit egy - say partial entry conditions [entry requires and while depart uses or]

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote It is difficult to trust any EA if you're not a developer, moreover several EA are programmed to follow along with technical analysis in order that they must be monitored while news launch session otherwise if not monitored they are able to blow off the account.
    monitoring maximum spread when launching commerce
    forbids taking any trades during news releases.

    Another matter is to prevent SL sweep.

    But maintaining risk per transaction at reasonable amount keeps account secure.

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    Can you anyone know how to get tickstory data with Volumes? [lite has only 1 on each tick]
    lately I'm reading this awesome novel : A Complete Guide To Volume Price Analysis By Anna Coulling
    and it will be wonderful to test fitering using
    MFI instead of RSI or simply quantity on little 5M,15M,30M time scales.

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    I ve tested Simple yet powerful low yield daily candle ea.in 2yr there was like 40 trades .none was a reduction.

    #8203;I put it toward.
    When to close it down?

    #8203;#8203;after instant reduction I presume.

    #8203;#8203;after month or more when transaction will be obtained.

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    There's not any fixed rule for this, because market varies and is not predictable. Whenever it leaves your comfort zone fits best in this instance.

    Hopping from 1 egy to another or start fiddling in the installation is imho the primary reason why 9 out of 10 traders loose money in the end.

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