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    Thanks to Farshidu

    and Also My Idea about Gold future is :

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    Because of Farshidu

    along with Also My Idea about Gold future is :

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    Yesterday, negative ADP Non-Farm Employment Change had pushed Gold up over 1190/1200 and currently in Asian semester, it is sitting at service around 1200.

    It'd broke the downtrend station to the upside and consolidating in a new area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Gold Daily picture
    Bro, fine color, btw mind elaborate your chart, don't know it.

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    Not sure how the upcoming events will impact Gold, but technically there is a few possibilities.

    But on a weekly chart, will love to see a test of the top channel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello, Thanks to Farshidu and my Idea about Gold future is : Picture
    its Great to see iranian guys here

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    Hi golden ppl
    Im long gold, but think this rally is going to be the final hurrah. Ecpecially after lately, I saw a bizarre newspaper telling a story on how gold will move north. I mean this newspaper usually only writes about popular stuff such as queens, kings, trannys, murders, rapists etc.. Anyone here seeking to short on the long term? And why if you would like to share? I expect to see propaganda that is white on gold shortly.

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    Gold May Be Nearing Peak Production
    While international mining output continues to climb, be aware that none of this output from China the worlds largest manufacturer is making it to the available market. Which may be true to some degree for Russia as well.

    Why China's rise has ANZ making a hugely bullish call on gold
    Unsurprisingly it is China that would want to buy the lions share of the gold, or so the country that will be the biggest influence on price in the years ahead.

    Supporters, opponents of Greek gold mine clash

    Gold to glow on weak US data
    There Isn't Any major data release from the US in the Start of the week. So the impact of Fridays bad US jobs data can continue to drive gold price higher in the first couple of days. The US Federal Reserves minutes are expected for release on Wednesday, which is followed with the typical weekly jobless claims on Thursday. With less information to impact the price, dollar motion will have a greater effect in the yellow metals price this week.

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    Nice TA FA analysis from this guide, I extracted some paragraphs if you really doesn't enjoy reading too much.


    Call them some number of titles but the elites are not dumb, and they are not going to change horses mid-stream, as it were. There are a few improvements in the functions which have to come to fruition before any substantial reset in Precious Metals evaluation upwards may occur. The most significant is that the process China is undertaking to be a component of this International Monetary Fund's [IMF], Special Drawing Rights [SDR], a basket of currencies which will incorporate the Renminbi, [RMB], aka Chinese yuan, in addition to the Federal Reserve's US fiat dollar.

    There'll be a casual IMF board meeting this May to review the SDR basket of currencies. The principal issue will be inclusion of the RMB, but that choice won't be officially reviewed until sometime this Fall. No changes can take effect before January 2016, based on a required 70 or 85 percent majority vote on the IMF council. With these timing variables, it does not makes sense to anticipate any major shake-up that could influence the pricing of gold and silver at a major way. No distractions to the status quo.

    Gold and silver have no third-party counter risk. Both are debt-free and with an established history for getting an intrinsic worth. People who choose to ignore background and opt for paper fiat, instead, not just run the risk of further erosion in perceived worth, but now have the added risk of bank confision of deposits, which thanks to more Obama and Federal government laws passed, means your deposits are possessed by the banks. Once in, it ain't yours. That is significant info.

    What's of more immediate interest is the fact that the rigging, or was called rather appropriately, the London Gold Fix as determined by four participating bank fixers, is going to come to an end this coming Friday, 20 March 2015. Taking control will be the International Commodity Exchange, and it opens the door to Chinese banks to become participants, at any stage.

    Will this fix fix the fix that needed to resolve the fix before this new fix? Time will tell. What we know for certain is that with China's control of physical gold trade on the Shanghai Gold Exchange [SGE], it takes the ability to fix the price of gold from the hands of the elite's corrupt bankers and more accountable for communists who exist to serve their central authority. We're not certain this is improvement, but it is change.

    The conclusion of artificial price manipulation may be coming to an end today that London can no longer fix the fix to their advantage. We might see the beginning of a more realistic price setting for physical gold, but no one has a clue how China will act in assuming a larger affecting controller. There is not any love lost between East and West, for any number of reasons, therefore this development may prove to be somewhat intriguing. Additionally, keep in mind, China and Russia are BFF, [Social networking acronym for Best Friends Forever].

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    Mmmhhh 2 form right now? A double top and inverted head and shoulder?
    I believe as long as the retrace much lower than 1182, we still have upside momentum
    Let us see if it test back 1204

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